WEIG-Karton will be presenting themselves in a new light at the 17th Global Gypsum Conference & Exhibition in Kraków in Poland in October. The focus will be on three aspects: the new positioning of “Driven by care”, the UNIPLAC® plasterboard liner for maximum production stability and worldwide reliability of supply at the same high-level quality standards. The latter will be visualized by the new “global hands” key visual.

“Over the past few months we have been intensively engaged with the question of what it means for us to consciously take on responsibility: for business partners, for employees, for the environment and for the society”, says Dr. Michael Balzer, Sales Director at WEIG-Karton, on the occasion of the participation in the Global Gypsum Conference & Exhibition. “Driven by Care” originated during this process. “The concept unites elements of positioning, general principle and claim”, explains Dr. Balzer. “As a family-managed company, our thinking and actions are based on dependability, independence and a long-term view. That’s why we, as a company group, stand for diligence, reliability and “taking care of things”.”

“UNIPLAC® is a very good example of “Driven by Care” “, says Dr. Michael Balzer. “We have production capacities for plasterboard liner in Germany and in Paraguay. Both have their own supply of raw material with recycled waste paper and therefore offer reliability of supply, one of the most important points for which the WEIG group is well known.” Customers on both continents are not only able to rely on the same supply security but 2/3 the renowned high quality of UNIPLAC® plasterboard liner is also identical across the globe.

“With our UNIPLAC® plasterboard liner brochure, we would like to communicate the “WORLDWEIG in good hands” slogan”, explains Dr. Balzer. The new key visual for this represents a globe in the form of two clasped hands.

UNIPLAC® – quality standard and reference quality
UNIPLAC® is considered to be the quality standard for plasterboard liner worldwide: customised specifications ensure maximum production speeds, low grammage and high cost-effectiveness. UNIPLAC® by WEIG-Karton is the preference of choice when commissioning new plasterboard plants. One of the reasons for this, amongst others, is the low scrap rate. In addition to the standard range, we also offer paper for special areas of application such as wet rooms, fire protection, sound absorption and floors.

WEIG – product stewardship and conservation of natural resources
Founded in 1931, the WEIG group has represented the entire cartonboard value chain in the areas of recycling, cardboard and packaging for decades. With more than 1,500 employees in Germany and Paraguay, around a million tons of waste paper is utilised for the manufacturing of high-quality cardboard for the plasterboard industry and the packaging industry. In part, cartonboard is processed into cardboard packaging in our own plants.

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