Simon Bolton is an experienced international marketer with a track record in running design and communications agencies. He has lived and worked in 7 different cities covering 3 continents.
This is the 3rd year that Simon has agreed to sit for us on the Pro Carton Student Video Award (PCSVA) panel of judges.

How did your involvement with PCSVA come about?

I was sitting in the lounge at Heathrow Terminal 5 about to fly to Barbados for a scuba diving holiday when I got a call ‘out of the blue’ from Tony (Hitchin) asking me to join the jury and lend the experience from my long career in advertising and design to the PCSVA.

What was it that attracted you to sit on the judging panel?

Well I would say it was down to two factors – I liked the brief to the student community to ‘pit their wits’ against the challenge and I was particularly intrigued by the need to submit the response as a film. I personally, love film, as a medium.

What is the most memorable/favourite video for you to date?

Obviously I won’t divulge anything from this year’s entries – I thought we got some terrific submissions last year – “Cartonovella” was the outstanding film that I recall ! The storyline was beautifully written and the writer manage to locate real drama in order to make cartonboard the hero. I should point out that I also thought it was a brave piece of work, well-judged and built from the dynamic tension at the start of the film.

What elements do you look to have included in these student videos?

Holding to a dramatic story line and cut through are my big requests. I want the students to try and resist the banal and the obvious – create a purpose for cartonboard which I haven’t thought of but I should say it is not about ‘stepping on’ other packaging materials . I would say – extol the virtues of cartonboard and do this with dramatic impact.

Did you see any development in the entries in the past three years?

Truthfully, I would really have hoped for greater progress and I would have liked to have seen the narrative evolve through new themes, techniques and the pushing of creative boundaries.

Is there something you would like to see in a PCSVA entry that you haven’t so far?

That’s exactly what I would I hope for ….something extraordinary that I haven’t seen before !

What would be your advice to students planning to enter the PCSVA Award next year?

Dear Students – Don’t just focus on “compare and contrast” themes – push with a blank piece of paper – create something that has not been done before but of course you have to stay “on (Pro Carton) brand.

What do you seen the benefit for students to join the PCSVA

Great experience – the chance to add content and confidence to your portfolio.

The chance to make a meaningful difference!

Anything else you would like to add?

“You have great freedom within a tight brief.”

The Pro Carton Student Video Award is a European competition for video storytelling about cartons and cartonboard.  Pro Carton looks for creative students to help us tell the world about the benefits of cartons and cartonboard.  In 2022 (the 3rd year of the awards), there were 2 joint winners and 3 highly commended entries. The best video in 2023 will win €5,000!  Winners will be announced at the Awards Gala dinner in Seville, Spain on 21st September.