Pro Carton Student Video Award 2021

With great delight Pro Carton received more than twice the number of entries than last year from students from 38 universities across 17 European countries. The jury was impressed with the significant step up over the previous year both, in terms of the quantity and quality of entries. Judges considered the following criteria for excellence:

  • Communication of Pro Carton’s core messages
  • Dramatic impact through idea creation and storytelling
  • The quality of film execution and crafting

The jury’s favourite videos were so outstandingly fresh and unique that deciding on just one winner simply wasn’t possible. The three winning videos succeeded in combining the Pro Carton messages with the power of storytelling in a compelling and individual way. It was a combination of impressive imagery, amazing copy and courage that took a hold of the jury’s attention. Each of the three winners receive €2000.

Additionally, the jury awarded two videos being highly commended, both win €500, and commended another six that receive framed certificates of merit.

We hope you enjoy all of them as much as we did!


Carton Boat
Isa Mutevelic

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The vision outside the box
Silvia Baldo, Olimpia Bonvecchio

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Packaging For A Better World
Eve Pitt

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Highly commended

Make Change
Cristina Lytvynenko

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Welcome to Earth!
Turkay Kayadelen

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Carton Boat

Entry name: Carton Boat

Entrant name(s): Isa Mutevelic

A carton boat? That can’t work… You are crazy! It wouldn’t even last for two seconds!
This was the feedback I had to listen to when I told everybody about my idea. Nobody believed in me, not even my closest friends. They laughed at me. But I believed in myself and my idea. The message of my video is that anything can be done if you really want it. Also, that cartonboard can be more than you think.

Jury comments:

Bady Minck:
“Making the impossible possible! Crossing a lake on a piece of cardboard. Why not! You just have to be crazy and brave enough to leave the beaten track. That’s the only way we can move the world forward and all together find a way to make our planet a place worth living on again. Congratulations on this outstanding video!“

Simon Bolton:
“This was a brave approach – it set up the argument extremely well and then went onto show that cartonboard is stronger and more mailable than we all might believe. It was a beautifully judged piece of communication and the jury were even impressed with the ‘branding’ of the boat.“

OPTICARTON || The vision outside the box

Entry name: OPTICARTON || The vision outside the box

Entrant name(s): Silvia Baldo, Olimpia Bonvecchio

In our reality, the right words can speak really loudly, but the eyes always catch what words cannot communicate. For this reason, when it comes to make someone really understanding what you mean, the most powerful way to do it is to share your perspective with them.
That is why we imagined the main source of awareness as an object that can be used by one person at a time, but that your attention is drawn to what surrounds you.
This fundamental mechanism of the game brings the interaction between the individual and the surroundings to a higher level, highlighting the fact that the individual actions are directly sustained by a shared vision.

‘Vision’ is a word that recalls the sense of sight but it is not just about the eyes. Your vision is also about your thoughts and your ethic; it is what merges all senses and shapes your choices.

Jury comments:

Bady Minck:

“An original video that sharpens our perception and gives us new ideas. It’s beautiful how this video shows us how we can use VR to track down important components of our everyday lives and, by seeing things more clearly, re-envision our daily actions in so many smarter and more sustainable ways.“

Simon Bolton:

“Shot through the lens of a futuristic protagonist the viewer is drawn into the story as to why we should consider cartonboard. The film is carefully split over three different stages to carry different communication messages. The final vignettes were beautifully produced and major brand owners should be pleased to see how their brands are captured and presented. VR was the platform but the message was expansive and captivating.“

Packaging For A Better World

Entry name: Packaging For A Better World

Entrant name(s): Eve Pitt

Packaging For A Better World was inspired by Pro Carton’s motto (“Packaging For A Better World”) as well as its emphasise on sustainability. The piece uses the idea that taking this carton and making it into something beautiful may seem small, but in reality it can have a big impact. In the video a character crafts a natural environment which includes a waterfall, rocks and trees out of used cartons. This paradise is the better world that could be created by all of us if we all use products like the ones promoted by Pro Carton.

Making the scene out of cartonboard which is transformed into the “world” that is then packaged by cartonboard highlights how this production cycle will stay environmentally friendly. The voice over explains the wonder of what Pro Carton’s material does to stay sustainable while still creating unique packaging for each product.

Jury comments:

Bady Minck:
“Here, a mysterious, imaginative world is created before our eyes, poetically showing us the world from a new perspective and proving how the very small is connected to the very large.“

Simon Bolton:
“There is an almost “Harry Potter“ like setting that draws the viewer into the story and takes one on a mysterious journey. It clearly extols the values of cartonboard but does so in a special manner that helps the viewer initially join in a little place but eventually see a bigger world, 90 seconds later. There is a wonderment in the storytelling that was difficult to ignore!“


Make Change

Entry name: Make Change

Entrant name(s): Cristina Lytvynenko

I wanted to show how the people are slowly destroying the world. I wanted to do that showing my city, but not only the pretty parts but also all the contamination caused by garbage. I used my polaroid to take photographs of all of the good and bad things to express my feeling as I narrated it.

My goal was bringing awareness to the issue of waste and suggesting a new solution that is using cartonboard and then explaining the benefits of it.

Jury quote:

“Very powerful with a lot of emotion and sincerity!“

Welcome to Earth!

Entry name: Welcome to Earth!

Entrant name(s): Turkay Kayadelen

The art style is made to look like everything is made out of cartonboard. In fact, a majority of the animation’s assets are a mixture of part illustration and part scanned-in cartonboard packaging.

The story follows a guided tour around Earth, with Earth itself providing the narration. As the story progresses, more of what’s ‘hidden behind the curtain’ is revealed, with the Earth losing its grip on what they want to be shown to the audience.
I wanted to create something more lighthearted, as I feel a lot of related environmental awareness videos are serious.

Jury quote:

“Very powerful with a lot of emotion and sincerity!“


A little cardboard

Entry name: A little cardboard

Entrant name(s): Judit López

A little cardboard tells the story of a character made with recycled cardboard using the stop motion technique. Our protagonist shows us how beneficial cardboard is, the many uses it can give us and how it contributes to protect the environment and to the human being. The idea that I wanted to capture is that with the help of cardboard we can make the world a better place.

Jury quote:

“The amount of craftsmanship that went into this film really grabbed my attention!“

A Recycle Story

Entry name: A Recycle Story

Entrant name(s): Jonnie Harris

‘A Recycle Story’ follows the tale of two cartonboard lovers. After catching each other’s eyes from across the supermarket aisle, one day this cereal box and juice carton found themselves together at last in the same shopping cart.

Alas, their happy days at home on the breakfast table came to an abrupt end when the orange juice ran out… But thanks to the magic of recycling, the two were overjoyed to be re-united in the store once more!

The story ends happily, back where it began. This feel-good story is a metaphor for the recycling process. I hope my emotive video encourages people to recycle and promotes the use of cartonboard/renewable packaging.

Jury quote:

“Very charming story and presentation of animation.“

A World of Carton

Entry name: A World of Carton

Entrant name(s): Marlena Stolze, Victoria Lauda, Sophie Gollegger

“A World of Carton” is a video that deals intensively with the senses by diving deep into the material. Literally. The film begins with extreme close-ups to reproduce the material accurately. Over time, larger and larger sections are shown and you can see a whole world with trees, mountains, water, etc.
With the video, you travel through a day / night cycle in just one and a half minutes and experience a wide variety of natural situations such as wind, rain, thunderstorms, etc. This is intended to express the naturalness and climate friendliness of cartonboard.

From our personal perspective, working with the material was very easy. It was really nice that the folding and gluing worked so well. We were also very positively surprised that the carton was water-repellent and that we were able to shoot the rainy scene more the once because the carton didn’t warp.

Jury quote:

“These people are incredibly skilled. The production is very well done.“

Crafting for a better world

Entry name: Crafting for a better world

Entrant name(s): Marie-Claire Karner, Mailin Lietmeyer, Cheyenne Heyder

Our video demonstrates some of the positive factors of cartons in a playful and creative way. We focus on a circular economy, recycling, brand communication and re-use. We symbolically illustrate the fact that cartons can be recycled at least 25 times by crafting 24 different objects. The object is passed on through a split-screen to the next person who then makes something different out of it. In the end, we involve the viewer who we prompt to think about the 25th use of cartonboard to complete the cycle.

Jury quote:

“It’s a brilliant idea bringing in the fact that cartonboard can be recycled 25 times or more.“

Think differently

Entry name: Think differently

Entrant name(s): Emma Fredslund Larsen, Nanna Gaustadnes Duelund, Louise Sønderby Hilsberg, Sophia Mai Horup, Ane Bæk Rose

Our film explores the unlimited possibilities of cartons. With a little creativity, cartonboard can replace a lot of things we haven’t thought of yet – maybe not your pets though.

By showing both the realistic and the crazy ways to use cartonboard we want to inspire and encourage people to think differently, while educating them about the benefits of the material – and why it’s a better choice compared to others. We want to see a future where cartons and sustainable materials are used in new and innovative ways.

We based our video on creativity, playfulness and humour. Our goal is for the viewer to feel inspired to take action, because we believe that’s the most effective way to make a change.

Jury quote:

“I loved their use of packaging and the different devices! It’s terrific!“

Why choose cartons?

Entry name: Why choose cartons?

Entrant name(s): Johannes Riedel, Jonas Riedel

We wanted to show the benefits of cartons/cartonboard in a suspenseful way, told in a commercial styled video. Getting close to the material due to macro shots and playful transitions, the recipient should get an immersive experience. The addition of sound FX makes this experience even stronger which are also correlated to the music choice. All benefits got completed by typographic elements which are mainly integrated into the motion of the clip. This concept was adjusted to the current pandemic situation, implemented in a home studio setup. Filmed and edited by me, Johannes Riedel and my brother Jonas Riedel.

Jury quote:

“Technically so strong. Beautifully produced.“