LEGISLATION: EU Policy & Legislation Relevant to the Cartonboard and Carton Industries.

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Pro Carton is delighted to be represented at 3 leading Industry Events this September: EuroPack Summit, ECMA Congress and Fachpack 2022

4evergreen Alliance: Understanding the Challenges of Collection and Sorting

The environmental impact of production, use, and disposal of increasing quantities of packaging waste has highlighted the need for more efficient collection and sorting systems.

4evergreen Alliance Invitation: THE CIRCULARITY CHALLENGE: How Recycling Contributes Towards the European Green Deal

The 4evergreen Alliance is pleased to invite you to the hybrid conference: “The Circularity Challenge: How Recycling Contributes Towards the European Green Deal”

4evergreen Alliance. A Journey through recycling of Fibre-Based Packaging

Recycling is one of the pillars to reach a more circular and sustainable future. When it comes to packaging, fibre-based packaging has the highest recyclability rate in Europe.

Neue FFI Information Beauftragung von Migrationsprüfungen

Neue FFI Information Beauftragung von Migrationsprüfungen

A Very Busy 2022!

Winfried Muehling, General Manager of Pro Carton, takes a look back at a very busy first half of 2022 and looks forward to some major events that are coming up in 2022.

Earth Overshoot Day: 28th July 2022 – by Winfried Muehling, General Manager of Pro Carton

Today, 28th July 2022, marks Earth Overshoot Day - the day that humanity’s demand for natural resources and services in any given year exceeds what the Earth can regenerate over 12 months.

EU Green Deal: Consumer participation is key to reach circularity

A Pro Carton EU Green Week themed roundtable, run in association with Packaging Europe, saw a host of industry experts examine the role of fibre-based packaging in the pursuit of a circular economy.

Interview with Fibre Packaging Europe (FPE) Chair, Mike Turner

Mike Turner, managing director of ECMA and chair of Fibre Packaging Europe (FPE) speaks to EURACTIV.

The Paper value chain is ready to take circularity to a new level with 2030 recycling rate target

Representatives of the European paper value chain have pledged to recycle 76% of all paper consumed by 2030

Call for evidence opens, on the Tobacco Products Directive

ECMA Position paper submitted to the European Commission focuses on the risk of increased counterfeit, if tobacco packaging is simplified.

Circular Economy Action Plan

The European Commission announce that they will publish the second draft of legislation supporting the Circular Economy Action Plan