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The carton industry has a great environmental story to tell.  Cartons are made from a renewable resource, are compostable and easily recyclable.

But environmental issues related to packaging are a source of misconceptions or “myths”. This series of nine Infographics aims to debunk the myths surrounding paper packaging and cartons and confront them with the facts.

Each Infographic covers a different myth which is countered with facts which illustrate the sustainability of cartons.

Sustainability drives sales!

Sustainability generates up to 13 per cent of sales in terms of explanatory content. This is confirmed by a new study conducted by Serviceplan Corporate Reputation communication agency in conjunction with Biesalski & Company management consultancy. Pro Carton spoke with Serviceplan’s Joachim Schöpfer on the importance of packaging.

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In response to the question, “Sustainability yes, but how?!”, Martina Hörmer, Managing Director Private Labels, REWE International, gave a clear answer. At the recent joint marketing event of Pro Carton and Propak Austria in Vienna, she made it absolutely clear that the opportunities offered by cartons are by no means exhausted.

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