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Date 3rd July 2013 / www.procarton.com
Title Pro Carton/ECMA Award 2013: record participation!
Text The jury of the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards met recently and first impressions were very positive: with 49 companies and over 100 entries from 11 countries, more companies than ever before have participated, and not only from the carton industry, but the entire Packaging Supply Chain – 14 of which were absolute newcomers! In August, the finalists will be presented here on the E-news and the Pro Carton website. The prizes will be awarded on 19. September as part of the ECMA Congress in Dubrovnik. For download in print quality, please click on the photo.

The interest in the Award for outstanding cartons has increased yet again. The Award attracts a broader base every year, with more participants from the carton industry and other sectors of the Packaging Supply Chain.


It is important for Pro Carton to have all partners of Supply Chain involved – both as entrants as well as on the jury. This year too, the jury reflects the various positions of the Packaging Supply Chain. This allows the jurors to follow the entire pathway of a packaging, from the manufacturer to the shopping cart:


  • Satkar Gidda (SiebertHead) again took on the jury's chair and covered the design aspect.
  • Stan Akkermans (Mars) again represented the brand owners.
  • Wilfried Duivenvoorden (Unilever) joined the jury as a new member and covered aspects of the branded goods industry.
  • Anne Harding (Marks & Spencer) was also new to the jury and added many new impulses to the discussions as an expert on the retail trade.
  • Peter Klein Sprokkelhorst (packaging industry) again provided the jury with expert advice on the technical subtleties oft he entered cartons in his reliable style.


Most noticeable this year, were the numerous outstanding combinations of sophisticated marketing concepts and exciting structural design. QR codes are also becoming standard elements on packaging.


The submitted solutions demonstrated an unbelievable diversity of surface designs: and caertonboard offers so many more options than any other packaging material.


The finalists will be presented on the Award website (www.procartonecmaaward.com) in August, and the winners on 19. September, immediately after being announced: with print-ready photos and background information on their success.

Wilfried Duivenvoorden (Unilever), Stan Akkermans (Mars), Peter Klein Sprokkelhorst (Advisor of the Jury), Satkar Gidda (SiebertHead, Chairman of the Jury), Anne Harding (Marks & Spencer)
Wilfried Duivenvoorden (Unilever), Stan Akkermans (Mars), Peter Klein Sprokkelhorst (Advisor of the Jury), Satkar Gidda (SiebertHead, Chairman of the Jury), Anne Harding (Marks & Spencer)


Akkermans, Duivenvoorden, Gidda, Sprokkelhorst

Akkermans, Duivenvoorden, Gidda, Sprokkelhorst.


Sprokkelhorst, Duivenvoorden, Gidda, Harding

Sprokkelhorst, Duivenvoorden, Gidda, Harding.


Brand power: Duivenvoorden, Akkermans

Brand power: Duivenvoorden, Akkermans.


Akkermans, Harding, Gidda

Akkermans, Harding, Gidda.

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