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Date 12th July 2012 / www.procarton.com
Title Packaging: a medium with considerable power
Text A recently completed study "Packaging: a medium with considerable power" compares the efficacy and reach of 23 communication channels. The study was commissioned by Pro Carton and FFI and conducted by Pointlogic International Media Consultants. For the first time there are actual numbers : cartons are not just packaging but a marketing instrument in its own right and an advertising channel same as TV, print or the Internet.  
  The study, which was conducted in Germany, examines the contribution of packaging from two angles: first, the media-relevant data of the individual consumers were quantified for the first time with packaging and put into relation with other promotional carriers, and secondly, the potentials of packaging in reaching marketing and advertising objectives were calculated on this basis and looked at in closer detail.

Over 2,000 persons were surveyed, a representative cross section of the German population over 18 years. The respondents were not informed that the study was specific to packaging. They had to connect 23 different media with relevant communication tasks and estimate how well each channel is suited for meeting this task.

Roland Rex, President of Pro Carton: "Actually we have always perceived packaging as a powerful marketing instrument and medium in its own right. However, there were no facts to underline this. Pro Carton has therefore commissioned a study to remedy this omission. We wanted to know where we stand."

Packaging is a medium – in fact it is two
For the very first time a comprehensive study has examined the power of packaging both at the Point of Sale as well as in a domestic environment in a direct comparison with other media and channels used in marketing communications. The results are clear:

  • Packaging is one of the most influential communication media and contributes greatly to brand communication.
  • Packaging is a medium with broad width – it is effective both in the stores as well as in the consumers' homes.
  • Packaging has a powerful effect on the various aspects of the buying process. It helps to make purchasing decisions, gives orientation in the store, says something about the quality and environmental aspects of the product, promotes consumption, repeat purchase and recommendation.
  • Packaging appeals to all consumers similarly. Younger consumers tend to observe packaging even more than older consumers – a sure sign that packaging will not lose in importance long-term.
  • Packaging is of major relevance in a digital media world. One the one hand it can connect consumers with the Internet via codes, on the other hand, consumers want to see and study the packaging during online purchases.

Roland Rex summarises: "The numbers are clear cut: packaging belongs to marketing planning and the marketing budget same as the other media. It is not simply a medium among many, but one of the most effective. The carton not only presents one of it´s best sides here, it is also the most sustainable form of packaging."

A printed 16-page summary of this study – in German or English – is available free of charge from mcewen@procarton.com. It can also be downloaded as a PDF from the website: Download PDF (in German, English coming soon).

Packaging: a medium with considerable power

Packaging: a medium with considerable power
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Background Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard to brand owners, the trade as well as designers, the media and politicians as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium.