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Date 25th February 2013 / www.procarton.com
Title Cartons on tour
Text The award winning cartons of the Pro Carton/ECMA Award feature the best cartons on the market in the categories Carton of the Year, sustainability, innovation and eight different product categories. Since 2011 the award winners tour Europe - and the number of stops is growing. If you would like to utilise the roadshow, you are welcome at Pro Carton. For download in print quality, please click on the photo.

The winners of the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards offer an unrivalled collection of fantastic packaging concepts - the ideal starting point for future developments. These cartons are state-of-the-art, focused know-how. To provide visibility throughout Europe, Pro Carton has arranged for a European tour of the award winning solutions and the finalists. The present twelve stops in eight countries include:


March: Belgian GS1 Forum, Brussels

June: Logistik Austria, Vienna
September: ECMA Congress, Copenhagen
October: Pro Carton/PPV Marketing Event, Vienna
October: Packaging Innovations, London
November: FFI Marketing Event, Munich, Berlin
November: Packaging Innovations, Amsterdam



January: Verpackung 2013, Hamburg
February: Packaging Innovations, Birmingham
Year-round as of February: Bobst, Lausanne
April: Packaging Innovations, Warsaw
April: Verpackung Schweiz 2013, Z├╝rich
May: Grafitalia, Milan
September: ECMA Congress, Copenhagen
October: Packaging Innovations, London
October: Pro Carton/PPV Marketing Event, Vienna
November: Packaging Innovations, Amsterdam


Each exhibition includes the award winning originals and finalists of the current award, together with information signs for the individual exhibits, brochures on the award with background stories on the creation of the award winning solutions, as well as Pro Carton brochures and roll-ups with the logos of Pro Carton and ECMA (European Carton Makers Association).


The best cartons in Europe can be booked at any time for fairs, exhibitions or events. The dates for the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards 2013 roadshow will be allocated as of October.

Pro Carton exhibition
Pro Carton/ECMA Award exhibition.



Suzanne McEwen +43 1 218 6918 mcewen@procarton.com
Background Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard to brand owners, the trade as well as designers, the media and politicians as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium.