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Dat3 6th March 2009 / www.procarton.com
Title Emotional Packaging Sells!
Text The "BrainPacs" Study conducted by Gruppe Nymphenburg Consult AG and commissioned by Pro Carton was published in German in 2008. The English version of the groundbreaking results is now available from Pro Carton: People make their decisions based on emotions. And significant for marketing: There are different emotional clusters one can (and should) choose from.

The latest medical imaging technology can locate precisely where in the brain responses are triggered by the marketing signals. The result: The limbic system - the centre of our emotions - was activated and not the parts of the brain responsible for rational decisions.
The study revealed seven prominent emotional clusters ("Limbic Types") from which a scientifically based user typology was derived: Adventurers (non-conform, spontaneous, like to be "different"), Disciplined types (prefer the straightforward approach), Bon vivants (free-spending, positive attitude and event-oriented), Harmonisers (very emotional and harmony-oriented), Hedonists (self-centred, trend-oriented), Performers (active, performance-oriented, prestige-minded) and Traditionalists (brand-loyal, appreciate practicality and safety).
The study was based on 700 online interviews with respondents. The emotional effects of various package designs were investigated (shape, colour, material, real brands), as were the preferences of the different target groups. A multilevel analysis of the data clearly shows how brand manufacturers can target emotions precisely. The results of the study also show which motivational drivers can be targeted specifically with which design approaches, and which design induces the highest responses among the different "Limbic Types".
The use of carton can reinforce these effects considerably: its material properties and stimulation of the different senses (touch, acoustic, olfactory) generate even greater emotional responses from the target groups.

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