Myths & Facts

The cartonboard industry has a great environmental story to tell.  Cartons are made from a renewable resource, they are compostable and they are easily recyclable.

There are very many statements and opinions in connection with packaging. Often these are a source of misunderstanding or “myths”. The infographic series on this page aims to debunk some of the myths surrounding paper packaging and folding cartons by confronting them with the true facts.

Two Sides, the print and paper advocacy group, have released their new Myths & Facts Booklet with updated facts on paper and the environment, from European forest growth and paper’s low energy consumption to the high recycling rate of paper and the circular economy.

Two Sides Myths & Facts Booklet 2021

Myths & Facts: Cartons Use Virgin & Recycled Fibres

Myths & Facts: Cartons Modern Design & Production

Myths & Facts: Cartons Impact The Environment

Myths & Facts: Cartons Are Fit for the Purpose they are Designed for

Myths & Facts: Cartons and Sustainable Forests

Myths & Facts: Carton Packaging For Food

Myths & Facts: Carton Making’s Use of Wood

Myths & Facts: Carton Making’s Use of Water

Myths & Facts: Carton Makings Use of Energy

Cepi Fact Sheets – Transitioning towards a plastics free world

Two Sides: Print & Paper; Myths & Facts Report 2019

Myths & Facts Infographics

You can View and Download the full set of Infographics in PDF format here:
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