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Life Cycle Inventory Data

Life Cycle Industry Data

Pro Carton has compiled an LCI of cartonboard and carton industry data, which represents the whole industry, and thereby contributes to the growing body of life cycle data in the paper and board packaging industry.

The aim of the database is to provide life cycle experts with the best possible environmental data from the cartonboard and carton industry in order that their analysis and studies will be as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Technical experts in cartonboard and carton manufacturing processes have worked together with LCI experts to provide a database which is based on both technological knowledge of cartonboard and carton production and LCI study requirements.

This database contains information on the impact of the total European cartonboard and carton industry on the environment, measuring a range of emissions and reporting weighted averages.

The database should not be regarded as a benchmark for the industry or as a tool for comparisons between different parts of the industry. If specific information on a particular cartonboard grade is required, then this should be requested directly from the manufacturers.


Pro Carton Environmental Data Report 2019

The Environmental Report published in 2019 presents data collected from the cartonboard and carton industries in 2017. The data covers 71% of the total European production.

The full Environmental Data report is available to Pro Carton members only.