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Carton manufacturers provide convenient and innovative packaging solutions to help consumers use products. For example:

  • Beer can be stored in a refrigerator in a carton multipack which can then be used as an ice bucket when the beer is consumed
  • Ready meals can be taken from the fridge and heated in a microwave or oven. The incorporation of susceptors in the cartons can cause a desirable localised browning and crispness of the food
  • Cartons can incorporate time/temperature devices to indicate the freshness of a product
  • Pharmaceutical cartons containing an embedded microchip, antenna, electronic circuitry and printed with conductive ink will record the time and date when a pill is removed and “bleep” when the next pill should be removed
  • Pharmaceutical cartons can help patients provide feedback on side effects by using buttons built into the pack. When the course of treatment has been completed, the information can be downloaded for analysis by the patient, medical advisor or product manufacturer
  • Cartons for high value products can incorporate a coin-reactive ink panel for covert security, or an embossed hologram on a varnish layer which can show overt security features
  • Cartons can offer printed RFID systems for authentication and track-and-trace of product. The electronic element is produced with conductive inks and can be integrated with the carton structure so that it is highly secure and tamper evident