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New Technology

Cartons Help to Prevent Food Waste

In the food industry, dealing with the issue of Food Waste and minimising the wastage of resources through the food supply chain, is a priority. Packaging, including cartonboard packaging is part of the solution as protection is one of its primary functions. Packaging protects 10 times more resources than it uses and has only 3 – 5% of the environmental load compared to food production. Developments in cartonboard packaging have led to lighter base weights while still providing the same high level of protection for the food product,

New developments are adding value to packs’ protection and performance. For example:

  • Time/temperature sensor technology can be implanted into cartons to indicate the freshness of the packed product
  • Cartons can have a PE bag attached to them in such a way that the extension of the bag beyond the side wall ensures that when the consumer closes the pack, having removed some of the contents, air movement is prevented – so extending the life of the remaining product within.