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Cartons/Environment FAQs

Energy Use

What is biomass energy?

Biomass is biological material from recently living organisms and is a renewable resource. Biomass energy is generated from processing biological material, usually plant matter. In the cartonboard industry, wood by-products are used to generate biomass energy. Burning wood by-products provides renewable energy in the form of electricity and steam. 56% of the energy used in the European paper industry is biomass based, as the wood by-products of the industrial process making pulp, paper and board provide energy for the machinery.

What is CHP?

CHP stands for Combined Heat and Power. Over 90% of European paper industry mills have installed combined heat and power (CHP) plants, mainly based on biomass and natural gas. Combining the production of electricity and heat provides energy savings in fuel consumption in the order of 30-35% compared to separate production.