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Date 26th November 2009 / www.procarton.com

Pro Carton / ECMA-Award 2009: Pharmaceutical

D-RaCe: Always room in the smallest of spaces

Text The development process took from September 2008 to February 2009. The Rondo team included Michael Jetzer and Martin Krause, the cartonboard was supplied by Iggesund Paperboard Europe and the customer was FKG Dentaire in Switzerland. For Download in print quality click on the picture.

FKG wanted an attractive, elegant, convenient and small packaging, the size of a credit card. A number of items were to be integrated, including a viewing window and the package insert in a side flap. Excellent product protection was also required.

The core idea was the small size of the folded box which distinguished it clearly from competitor packaging in this market segment. Only 500 units were produced initially, as promotional pack to be handed out at trade fairs, congresses etc. However, the FKG customers (dentists and the dental trade) were so impressed that things did not simply stop there.

The BoxWallet was introduced as the new official packaging, including a further two products, but with a different graphic design. The deciding factor was the compactness and integration of the package insert. Furthermore, carton offers the advantage that the boxes can be supplied flat and are 100% recyclable. With the aid of this new packaging FKG Dentaire found it considerably easier to position the product on the market.

Jury Comments
This was only a small carton but managed to combine a variety of elements that made it extremely functional. It opened intuitively and the clever structural design made the contents easy to remove and simple to put back again. The double opening design also allowed space for all the necessary instructions and it was easy to close after use. The graphics were bold and eye catching and it was simple to see what the product was.

Carton producer: Rondo AG
End user: FKG Dentaire
Cartonboard manufacturer: Iggesund Paperboard

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