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Date 26th November 2009 / www.procarton.com

Pro Carton / ECMA-Award 2009: Most Innovative Design Or New Use Of Cartonboard

Groovie rock & cool shape - ChurchSound: Music out of a Box

Text The Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach (offset printers) were involved from the beginning of the project in September 2007, both as packaging suppliers and creators of ideas. Bohuslav Bereta, project manager and producer at ChurchSound, coordinated the graphic design and the interests of the distribution partners. Beate Fürtbauer, project manager at Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach, contributed the packaging ideas and marketingrelevant criteria. For Download in print quality click on the pictures.

A number of suggestions were made by producers, musicians, recording studio experts and distribution partners. ChurchSound is distributed directly via a German and Austrian trade publisher, as well as by several specialised media providers relevant to the target group in Germanspeaking countries and the Internet.

The distribution partners’ brief was to create functional packaging with ease-of use. Inserting the CDs was to be quick and easy. A high level of product protection was to be ensured, as was easy stacking and space-saving storage. The “layered” design guarantees excellent product protection.

Marketing were especially interested in a strong visual appeal to attract consumers’ attention. The product was to present itself as a “real experience”, so convincing creative musicians to buy. The packaging was to convey the comprehensive software package at a glance. The expected success came true. Bohuslav Bereta, project manager and producer at ChurchSound said:”Our experience with selling ChurchSound is: anyone holding the packaging in his hands is truly astounded.”

Jury Comments
The pack seemed to the Judges to have everything. It had been designed with great thought to ensure it fulfilled a number of requirements not only in terms of packaging but also of use and display. The slider cover opened to reveal the contents including a small booklet that was cleverly designed so that pages turned almost automatically. Then on the reverse two CD’s were included in a simple but effective way. This carton was truly innovative in the number of elements that it brought together and the Judges felt that a great deal of thought had gone into its design.

Carton producer: Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach GmbH
End user: ChurchSound, Junge Kirche
Cartonboard manufacturer: Sappi

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Groovie rock & cool shape – ChurchSound

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