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Date 26th November 2009 / www.procarton.com

Pro Carton / ECMA-Award 2009: Beauty & Cosmetics

Gabrini Maku-Up Kit Box: Spectacular Appearance

Text The initial concept was designed in house by Venk Ofset by their design, production and marketing teams. At the start this was a purely conceptual design and it was not until the it was largely finalised that the developers started thinking about which markets their ideas would suit best. For Download in print quality click on the picture.

They agreed with their Managing Director that it would probably be ideal in the cosmetics markets and so they approached one of their leading cosmetic customers and showed it to them.

The customer, Kadioglu Cosmetics, was immediately attracted to the new solution and felt it would be ideal for their markets as it replaced the usual combination of cartonboard and plastic with a monomaterial option that was more environmentally friendly and at the same time more cost effective. The carton was adapted in size to the products it would help to sell, and packing line efficiency and distribution were taken into account. At the same time, the Venk graphic design team started to work together with the customers marketing manager to give the carton an attractive look.

Initial indications are that the packaging has been well received by consumers and it has been reported that some consumers are buying it simply for the packaging.

Jury Comments
Whilst the Judges had seen double slider cartons before, they felt that this product was ideal for this type of packaging solution. The easy opening and display of the make up allied to the presence of a mirror in the top drawer, made this carton ideal for its purpose in that it was easy to recognise, simple to open and easy to use. Allied to this was some very high quality finishing and the use of spot varnishes to give a “sparkle” to the print that would attract the eye of potential purchasers.

Carton producer: Venk Ofset Ltd.
End user: Kadioglu Ko zmetik Ltd.
Cartonboard manufacturer: M-Real

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Gabrini Make-up Kit Box

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