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Date 20th September 2013 / www.procarton.com
Title The Wow Factor:
Presentation of the 17. Pro Carton/ECMA Awards
Text The Pro Carton/ECMA Award 2013 was a tremendous success. The interest in new ideas in the field of cartonboard and cartons has increased considerably, as demonstrated by the entries: nearly one third of the entries were new to the competition – never before had there been that many newcomers to the Award. The Awards were presented on 19. September 2013 at the ECMA Congress in Dubrovnik. Carton of the Year was awarded to the Twinkle Box champagne packaging by Van Genechten.

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  The time had finally come on 19. September at the ECMA Congress in Dubrovnik: the finalists in the eight categories had already been decided in August – and now it was time to announce the winners. The presentation of the awards in the individual categories was one of the highlights during the day's programme. In the evening, suspense reached its climax: a show act by the band "Serpents" enriched the presentation of the three main awards: Carton of the Year, Most Innovative, Sustainability, as well as the President's Special Award recommended by the Jury. Backdrop to the glamorous gala evening was a romantic courtyard in the Old Town of Dubrovnik. The certificates and trophies were presented by Roland Rex, President Pro Carton, and Dr. Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA.

Twinkle Box by Van Genechten won the Carton of the Year. The diamond pattern makes the packaging unmistakeable, and the distinguished ribbon for carrying conveys an air of casual chic. The box keeps the champagne chilled for up to two hours and preserves the exceptional qualities of the contents. The Twinkle Box only covers approximately two thirds of the bottle – a novelty in the world of champagne. The champagne can be poured directly, the bottle remains in the chilled box. Quite simply the perfect refreshment for a summer garden party – or as a gift for glittering moments.

The most innovative cartonboard solution this year emulates the function of an age-old metal construction: the paper clip from the year 1867. A sustainable alternative for a classic product which works just as well and costs just as little. The Deltaclip was created by Schut Hoes Cartons and Deltaclip International. The extremely small product is manufactured in large quantities and folded asymmetrically: a challenge for production and a brilliant solution by Schut Hoes.

Maximum sustainability was the jury's verdict for a cylindrical, resealable container, which presents chocolate sticks like a bouquet of flowers when opened. To ensure optimal quality of the contents, Van Genechten selected a compound material made of coated cartonboard and a metalized foil which offered the appropriate barrier properties. The carton can be recycled normally despite the coating. The result: a colourful eye-catcher on the shelf, and highly sustainable in terms of production, shipping and recycling.

The President's Special Award was conveyed by the jury to a packaging by Karl Knauer, which employs new technology to make the carton even more attractive at the point of sale: " The Bombay Sapphire packaging is an excellent carton which meets all the requirements of the beverages sector. In addition, it integrates an LED system which is activated when held. If does not light up instantly, but gradually, and remains lit for several seconds."

As always, the jury represented the Packaging Supply Chain:

  • Satkar Gidda (SiebertHead) again acted as chairman and represented design aspects.
  • Stan Akkermans (Mars) also represented the standpoint of brand owners again.
  • Wilfried Duivenvoorden (Unilever) was a new member of the jury and represented the branded goods industry.
  • Anne Harding (Marks & Spencer) was also new to the jury and added new impulses as expert in the retail trade.
  • Peter Klein Sprokkelhorst (packaging industry) again advised the jury on the technical refinements of the submitted cartons.

Satkar Gidda on the jury's work: "It is fair to say that this was a very intensive judging session, simply because the quality of the entries caused much debate What was remarked more than once was the attention to detail in many of the entries and we could see that consumer benefit, functional, aesthetic or both, had been considered. We saw total integrated thinking such as carrying the product characteristics through onto the packaging which serves perfectly to help communicate the brand values and brand qualities."

All partners in the Packaging Supply Chain – designers, brand owners, the retail trade as well as the cartonboard and carton industry– are more than welcome to (again) submit entries for the Award in the coming year. As always, the date for submission starts at the end of February until the 6. June 2014 as final deadline.

PS Winners were drawn among those who sent us their personal favourites and were: Elke Deigendesch (Stora Enso Germany), Karen Brunson (Snec Group France) and Maria Rosa Baroni (Food Packages Magazine Italy). Each received an original of the "Carton of the Year" – of course with contents. Enjoy at its best!


Award Winners


Twinkle Box

Twinkling diamond


Deltaclip International B.V.

Sustainable grip



Enjoy together


Illuminated packaging for “Bombay Sapphire”

Shining example


Box Femme Fatale eau de parfum

Persuasive beauty


Biercée Gin

Emotional intelligence


Nut Box

Refined craftsmanship


Nicorette Pandora Box

Cost-effective and child-proof


Coverit Samples Display

Pictures of an Exhibition


Party Packaging Lovely Cookies

The party carton


Sloggi Men Match

Perfect fit


Kleenex "Slim" Pack for Facial Tissues

Less is (much) more


Comprehensive information with case studies of the winners and print-ready photos are available at http://www.procartonecmaaward.com.
Printed brochures in English are available from Pro Carton via Suzanne E. McEwen, mcewen@procarton.com.

Carton of the YearCarton of the Year

Carton of the Year

Twinkle Box

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Lorenzo Delorenzi, Van Genechten; Frederic De SOmer, Van Genechten; Cleme3ns Stockinger, Mayr-Melnhof Karton; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

Most InnovativeMost Innovative

Most Innovative Carton

Deltaclip International B.V.

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Gerrit Willekes; Rogier Krabbendam, ECMA (for Schut Hoes); Roland Rex, President Pro Carton



Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Lorenzo Delorenzi, Van Genechten; Pasi Piiparinen, Stora Enso; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

SustainabilityPresident's Special Award

President's Special Award
Illuminated packaging for “Bombay Sapphire”

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Malcolm Sinclair, Tullis Russel; Michael Faller, Faller (for Karl Knauer); Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

Beauty & CosmeticsBeauty & Cosmetics

Beauty & Cosmetics
Box Femme Fatale eau de parfum

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Chris Baker, Highcon; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton


Biercée Gin

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Jan Engelen, Smurfit Kappa Van Mierlo; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton


Nut Box

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Tum Du Caju, Du Caju; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton


Nicorette Pandora Box

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Oystein Aksnes, Stora Enso; Jean-Francois Roche, A&R Carton; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

Shelf ready & display packagingShelf ready & display packaging

Shelf Ready & Display Packaging
Coverit Samples Display

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Alberto Luca, Lucaprint; Ricardo Mutolli, Lucaprint; Oystein Aksnes, Stora Enso; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

All other foodAll other food

Party Packaging Lovely Cookies

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Pasi Pilparinen, Metsäboard; Rogier Krabbendam, ECMA (for Remmert Dekker); Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

All other non foodAll other non food

Non food
Sloggi Men Match

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Pasi Pilparinen, Metsäboard; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

Volume marketVolume market

Volume market
Kleenex "Slim" Pack for Facial Tissues

Andreas Blaschke, President ECMA; Philipp Freymüller, Mayr Melnhof Packaging; Roland Rex, President Pro Carton

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