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Date 31st August 2009 / www.procarton.com
Title New Sustainability Website

Pro Carton is pleased to announce the launch of a new section on its website which contains detailed information on cartonboard packaging and sustainability.

Click on http://sustainability.procarton.com/


Following the success of the brochure, “ Sustainability and Cartonboard Packaging – an introduction” the new website takes the themes of the three pillars of Sustainability outlined in the brochure and develops them in more detail.

The Environment pillar contains sections on:
• Recovery and Recycling
• Composting
• Sustainable Forest Management
• Carbon Footprint
• Energy Use
• Water Use
• Life Cycle Data Inventory

The Carbon Footprint section includes details on the methodology behind Pro Carton’s brochure “Carbon Footprint for Cartons” and also explores the advantages of carbon sequestration in the forest.

The Society pillar contains sections explaining how packaging and cartons are essential to modern living:
• Facilitating modern life
• Consumers Like Cartons

The Economy pillar contains sections showing how cartonboard and carton manufacturers are continuously improving performance and adding value:
• Creating Value
• Innovations


3 pillars

3 pillars


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Background Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard to brand owners, the trade as well as designers, the media and politicians as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium.