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Date 31st August 2009 / www.procarton.com
Title Folding Box - an Experience
Text "Magnum" is the absolute premium ice cream of the Unilver company. Since its inception some 20 years ago, the product has been promoted continuously at the highest value possible. The logical consequence: a folding box.

"Magnum is far more than simply ice cream, Magnum is temptation pure. Magnum is a world of pleasure, irresistible." That is the role which Unilever commands for its leading ice cream product. "Especially for you - in taste, shape and packaging", says Wilfried Duivenvoorden, European Supply Manager at Unilver, to sum up the positioning.

20 years of premium ice cream for adults

Since the American Harry Bust invented the ice lollipop in 1923 in Ohio, Unilever has advanced to become the largest manufacturer worldwide of ice cream, with annual sales in excess of $5 billion. Some 20 years ago, in 1987, Magnum was the first ice cream on a stick created specifically for adults. Advances in technology had made the new shape possible, and marketing developed a new positioning.

The initial Magnum - later rebranded "Magnum Classic" - consisted of a thick bar of vanilla ice cream on a stick, covered with white or dark chcocolate, with a weight of 86 grammes (120 ml). The idea became an instant hit. Today, Magnum is one of the leading ice cream brands in the world with approx. one billion units sold per annum. 20 years of continuous success.

Magnum is sold in most countries as part of the "Heartbrand" product line. The line is marketed in over 40 countries under different names: Wall's in the UK and most parts of Asia, Algida in Italy, Langnese in Germany, Eskimo in Austria or Ola in the Netherlands. Every child has heard of Kibon in Brazil, or of Streets Ice Cream in Australia, in Greece and Romania it is branded Magnum Magic. And in China, Magnum is available as vanilla, capuccino and crunchy flavours.

Temptation out of a folding box

The "incomparable crunch" of the first bite formed a major part of the brand right from the start, as did a continuous stream of product innovations. New product lines were added regularly: double chocolate (1996), double caramel (2000), yoghurt and Intense (2002). The series "The Seven Deadly Sins" (2003) - sensuality, vanity, gluttony, laziness, greed, revenge and envy - attained wide acclaim as limited edition. In 2005 another successful limited edition was launched, "Magnum 5 Senses". Five different flavours took you on a sensoric mystery tour of smell, touch, taste, hearing and seeing.

Gradually more and more copies entered the market, stronger branding was necessary - towards luxury. The profile was no longer as sharp as it had been previously, and Unilever decided to reposition the brand back to its roots, to the core values. "Magnum consumers love ice cream" comments Duivenvoorden, "they are hedonists. A low calory line extension we marketed was not accepted by the market."

In 2008 Magnum "Temptation" was launched, the most luxurious Magnum ice cream ever. Packaged in a folding box reminiscent of a jewel box containing a treasure - with a key hole sticker to increase curiosity. This year the successful strategy was continued by a new Temptation line extension: Magnum Temptation Fruit - a combination of bourbon vanilla ice cream with wild berry sauce and small slices of cranberry, sprinkled with chunks of chocolate made of finest Ecuadorian cocoa. Another exceptional Magnum experience in a silver packaging box, manufactured by Van Genechten from carton supplied by M-Real, as are all Magnum folding boxes. The reasons behind the decision were the high quality of carton and the sustainability of the packaging material.

The brand delivers exemplary performance, always one step ahead of the competition. "Magnum is not affected by the crisis at all", states Duivenvoorden. "Sales have already exceeded last year's, and our expectations for the coming years are extremely high.


Magnum Temptation

Magnum Temptation.


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