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Date 3rd May 2011 / www.procarton.com
Title Young Design for a Sustainable Future
Text For the second time now, the Pro Carton/PPV AUSTRIA Design Award of the Austrian carton industry was presented as part of the Printissimo/Emballissimo gala event. As yet non-realised ideas by promising design students from Austrian design schools were shown under the motto “Young Design Stars“. The significant increase in entries has undoubtedly confirmed that the award has established its place in the world of design. The awards in the two categories went to Christian Lang (packaging) and Flora Hauser (other applications). For download in print quality, please click on the photos.

Six young designers were among the winners at the Printissimo/Emballissimo gala evening on 3 May 2011 with its 400 hundred invited guests – the two award winners and four finalists of the ”Pro Carton/PPV AUSTRIA Design Award 2010“. For over ten years the award has successfully showcased new ideas.

And, as every year, the jury of the design award included prominent members from all areas of the supply chain:
  • representing the carton industry, Mag. Martin Widermann, Managing Director PPV AUSTRIA,
  • representing branded consumer goods Martin Luh, European Procurement Category Manager, Nestlé,
  • representing the retail trade and consumers Dr. Arnold Steinbrecher, Head of Demand Side ECR Austria, Visiting Professor Vienna University of Economics,
  • representing design, Clemens Heider, Heider Klausner Corporate Design, and
  • DI Philipp Prause, Prausedesign.

The prizes were presented by Ing. Franz Rappold (Pro Carton Austria) and Mag. Martin Widermann (PPV AUSTRIA). The award has already become a tradition and is supported by numerous design schools. The majority of professors also attended to celebrate with their proteges. 67 entries, 42 in the category packaging and 25 for other applications, tell their own story.

The evening was moderated by Dkfm. Wolfgang Pfarl, President of Austropapier – the Association of the Austrian Paper Industry, Dr. Gertrude Eder, board member of Roxcel and chairperson of the advisory committee, together with ATV moderator Volker Piesczek.
“Innovative and efficient packaging solutions not only ensure safe transport and protect packaged goods, they also support buying decisions at the point of sale through presentation and information“, as Wolfgang Pfarl, the evenings’s host, pointed out.

Award winners and finalists
Category Packaging
Award winner: Christian Lang, deltabox

Delta Box Delta Box
Triangular folded, extremely stable packaging

Christian Lang Christian Lang
Christian Lang, Martin Widermann, Volker Piesczek 

The jury: the unusual design of the deltabox offers excellent opportunities for giving products that special packaging. Uses range from chocolates to jewellery and are virtually unlimited. The entered version demonstrates the thinking behind product and packaging by applying the concept of a conventional chocolate bar. The new chocolate shape works perfectly, is stable and can be snapped as intended. A highly entertaining overall concept, product and packaging provide a playful element and are most suitable as a gift.

Designer Christian Lang, FH Joanneum, Graz: “Design Austria and a friend of mine in packaging design told me about Pro Carton and this award and its marketing opportunities. I had already conceived this packaging and this was my chance to make it available to a larger audience.”

Finalist: Reinhard Putscher, “The Kick with the Klick”

Der Kick Der Kick
Packaging with acoustic effect

Reinhard Putscher
Franz Rappold, Reinhard Putscher, Martin Widermann

The jury: an interesting approach to a new dimension – acoustic signals. The clicking sound effect when opening offers a completely new additional effect.

Designer Reinhard Putscher, Werbe-Design-Akademie, Salzburg: “I participated as part of the school project and really enjoyed working in three dimensions.”

Finalist: Maria Pramberger, Pocket Aid

Pocket Aid Pocket Aid
Packaging for medical patches

Maria Pramberger
Martin Widermann, Maria Pramberger, Susanne Lippitsch

The jury: this solution is very practical, the curved edges provide an attractive look and a good haptic feeling. The idea is convincing as form and function are in harmony. The packaging is readily available in emergencies and can also be used single-handedly.

Designer Maria Pramberger, FH Joanneum, Graz: “I have always been interested in packaging design. The award is a great opportunity for trying to do things with cartonboard.”

Category Other Applications
Award winner: Flora Hauser, “Have a good trip“

Have a good trip Have a good trip
Can holder for small cans

Flora Hauser Flora Hauser
Flora Hauser, Volker Piesczek, Franz Rappold

The jury: this entry looked at a consumer problem and found a practical solution with numerous application possibilities.

Designer Flora Hauser, Die Graphische, Vienna: “The cans of numerous energy drinks are too small to find a firm hold in conventional holders. It was fun finding a solution as part of the award.”

Finalist: Tina Greisberger, Jewelleryscope

Jewelleryscope Jewelleryscope
Jewellery packaging with kaleidoscope effect

Tina Greisberger
Franz Rappold, Tina Greisberger, Martin Widermann

The jury: a gem of an idea in the true sense of the word, not only for jewellery, also for confectionery. The kaleidoscope can be fun galore for children. Metallisation could add considerably to the effect.

Designer Tina Greisberger, Werbe-Design-Akademie, Salzburg: “My decision to take part was spontaneous, it was fun working in three dimensions instead of the usual two, being able to play with all facets of the product and to be creative in all dimensions.”

Finalist: Ferdinand Freiler, Ice cup

Eis Krug Eis Krug
Ice cream cone holder

Ferdinand Freiler
Franz Rappold, Ferdinand Freiler, Martin Widermann

The jury: the problem is well known, where to deposit an ice cream cone. The basic idea is both amusing and very good, the design still needs some attention though.

Designer Ferdinand Freiler, Werbeakademie, Vienna: “At last, no sticky fingers when eating a cone of ice cream as you can put it somewhere! I participated as part of the school project, it was cool and interesting.”

“Group photo“

jury und preistraeger 
Privy councillor DI Gustav W. Linnert (Director, Die Graphische, Vienna), Clemens Heider (Heider.Klausner Corporate Design, jury), Reinhard Putscher (finalist), Dr. Arnold Steinbrecher (ECR Austria, jury), Tina Greisberger (finalist), Mag. Martin Widermann (Managing Director PPV AUSTRIA, jury), Flora Hauser (award winner), Ferdinand Freiler (finalist), Maria Pramberger (finalist), Christian Lang (award winner), Susanne Lippitsch (Lecturer FH Joanneum Graz, Werbeakademie Salzburg, SL-Design), Franz Rappold (Pro Carton).

Statements on the Pro Carton/PPV AUSTRIA Design Award

Franz Rappold, Pro Carton: “A sustainable future will only be successful with future-oriented design by young talents. It is therefore always a pleasure to sponsor them.”

Mag. Martin Widermann, PPV AUSTRIA and jury: “A fabulous competition, both in terms of variety and acceptance at the schools. Industry has been sponsoring young designers for many years now – and cartonboard as a material is very important.“

Mag. Severin Filek, Design Austria: “We have again witnessed some excellent performances, the standard is increasing every year.“

Clemens Heider, jury: “Packaging as a topic has become increasingly important over the last few years. This competition ensures that more impetus comes from young talent. The students work independently on packaging solutions, and the quality has increased significantly over the years.”

Martin Luh, jury: “The ideas continue to provide new creative solutions – the future remains challenging, and that is a good thing.”

Dr. Arnold Steinbrecher, jury: “This year’s standard was again extremely high, a solid basis for optimism.”

DI Philipp Prause, jury: “It is very satisfying to see how consumer problems are recognised and then result in new solutions.“

The organisers:


Suzanne McEwen +43 1 218 6918 mcewen@procarton.com
Background Pro Carton is the European Association of Carton and Cartonboard manufacturers. Its main purpose is to promote the use of cartons and cartonboard to brand owners, the trade as well as designers, the media and politicians as an economically and ecologically balanced packaging medium.