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High Quality Printing

Cartons with their high quality printing and the vast array of special effects offer a quality image at the point of sale that can be vital to the success of a product. Holograms, textures, embossing and other effects display quality and this image is transferred to the product itself.

The vast majority of high value goods such as perfumery, spirits and confectionery are routinely packed in cartons but the usage of cartons extends right across the spectrum from shoes to spaghetti, detergent to dried food and from cosmetics to cornflakes. In all markets, cartons give the image of a quality product that helps create a distinction for the consumer.


Textures and Finishes

One of the great advantages of cartons is that textures can be applied to the carton either using embossing or specialist print techniques. It has been established that senses other than just sight are used when shopping and the addition of a texture, or feel, to a carton can give it additional emotional appeal to the consumer. The range of textured finishes that are available is virtually limitless and offers brand owners another means of giving a carton visibility and attraction at the point of sale. This is not done merely for appeal reasons but is also used widely for Braille to be added to cartons. This allows them to be recognised by people with sight difficulties and is very valuable especially in the pharmaceutical sector.


Structural Design

Cartons create impact and visual interest through surface design and carton shape. Structural design of the carton shape can for example include: three dimensional shapes with rectangular or square panels, hexagonal, triangular, pyramidal, circular, domed and elliptical shapes. Cartons can incorporate special features to facilitate opening and reclosing, carrying handles, pourers, windows and internal platforms to secure and/or display the product. Cartons can provide intelligent packaging solutions for brands to help consumers use their products. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, cartons with integral electronics can make the carton “talk” to, and interact with, the consumer.