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A phenomenal number of entries, more than double last year, just shows how this competition has grown, increased in recognition and motivated students all across Europe to be inventive, creative and innovative.

This particular competition is for free thinkers, unhindered and unconstrained by production parameters and that has been evidenced by the diversity of the entries. There is something quite joyous about seeing a carton concept or construction that you never thought could be used in a particular way. The easy way to put that is to say ‘not seen that before’ and whilst there were several of these, it was also evident that some students had identified a need or a specific problem and had created something to address that. I must also commend some entries on their level of finish. These entries looked like the finished article that you would actually buy.

Going forward, my advice to students and teachers would be to put yourselves in the shoes of the judges. Look at the entry and consider, ‘Will the judges understand my idea and the reasons behind it. Will the judges understand how it works’.

We want you to sell the idea and the detail. Put into words what you would say to the judges if you were there in front of them, to convince them that you have the best entry. Discuss the benefits and the merits of your idea.

Satkar Gidda,
Chairman of the Jury