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Public Voting

Public Voting

El ganador al Premio del Público

Europa ha votado. El público de toda Europa ha elegido al ganador  de la lista de los finalistas seleccionados por el jurado que aparecen más abajo. Un iPad Air fue sorteado entre los que votaron. El ganador también recibe un iPad Air y el ganador es:

La Papp window blinds

Official name of entry:
La Papp window blinds
Anna Kaufmann
Individual designs

“My aim was to reduce plastic materials in products and let them benefit from the flexibility of carton. Since they normally look all the same, I came up with the idea of redesigning lamella window blinds. It was possible to make a variety of individual designs with the help of printing machines and laser cutters, so that every window was given its final touch.”

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Entrant: Mina Bakliza

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Entrant: Marie Falk, Lisa Dahlström & Henrik Bergqvist

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Entrant: Kaori Agematsu

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Entrant: Yorick Meijdam

Entry: Bulky, the carton shopper

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Entrant: Janina Wisiak

Entry: Chargeasy

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Entrant: Semih Arslan

Entry: Dip & Eat Box

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Entrant: Marilena Schedlmayer

Entry: Fancy Latz

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Entrant: Natalie Zabranova

Entry: Food Lock

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Entrant: Anna Kapi

Entry: Foodnook

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Entrant: Beatrice Trevisan

Entry: Gianduiotto

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Entrant: Birgit Zuckerhut

Entry: Happinate

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Entrant: Lisa-Maria Prantl

Entry: Incense

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Entrant: Marie Lefrère

Entry: Jewelry Display Lotus Flower

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Entrant: Emanuel Moser

Entry: Knickerboxers

Description: The Knickerboxers are a new, simple, sustainable and functional... [More]

Entrant: Anna Kaufmann

Entry: La Papp

Description: My aim was to reduce plastic materials in products and let them... [More]

Entrant: Carlos Delgado de Robles van Dionand

Entry: Lamp Box

Description: LAMP-BOX is a hybrid between the product and its own packaging. It is... [More]

Entrant: Barbara Foltran, Francesca Frizziero & Giacomo Sidoni

Entry: Little Bean

Description: Hello, let me introduce myself! My name is Little Bean, and I'm a... [More]

Entrant: Tadeu Bossart

Entry: New Egg

Description: This egg container was designed so that the eggs can be separated and... [More]

Entrant: Cristina Fanelli, Alice Rotriquenz & Alberto Ferro

Entry: OrO

Description: OrO is designed to hold Gialèt beans, a 0 km variety of bean grown... [More]

Entrant: Anna Maria Wilk

Entry: Pac – your cap protection

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Entrant: Oyku Sevim Colkusu

Entry: Papillons

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Entrant: Ulrike Schmidl

Entry: Pop Up Music

Description: If you are someone who loves music you will take care of your music... [More]

Entrant: Julija Vidojević

Entry: Stain Guard Bib Pack

Description: Stain Guard Bib Pack is package design for on-the-go... [More]

Entrant: Balazs Kovacs

Entry: Street food packaging

Description: "Street food is taking over because we are choosing to eat in... [More]

Entrant: Matthias Warter

Entry: The Brandy Box

Description: The perfect packaging for your brandy bottles – not just for the... [More]

Entrant: Amann Johanna

Entry: The Peg Bag

Description: While the PEG BAG primarily functions as packaging for clothes pegs,... [More]

Entrant: Elena Lobera Garcia & Alejandra Amusquivar

Entry: The Universal Box

Description: The idea of the Universal box was designed essentially when searching... [More]

Public Voting: Pro Carton Young Designers Award

The winner of the public vote will be announced at the Award Gala on September, 21st.

Public voting closes on September 13th at midnight. There will be a prize draw amongst all public voters for an iPad Air2 on

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