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Pro Carton Design Award 2012 – Chairman’s comments
It is always interesting and thought provoking when looking at carton designs that are not constrained by restrictive or sector specific thinking because of production parameters, manufacturing constraints or retailer requirements.

A mind that thinks freely can really come up with some clever thinking. Ideas that no one had thought of before or different ways of doing something that had not utilised carton board before.

That’s exactly how it was with the 2012 design awards that we had the pleasure and challenge of judging in The Hague.

The judges and I walk into the judging room never knowing what to expect and yet we were pleasantly surprised at the creativity and innovation that lay before us. The lateral thinking was very evident but what was even more interesting was the attention to detail and of not forgetting the requirement of the consumer.

You know when the entries are of a high standard when the judges cannot fully agree and then a healthy debate ensues. This was not only the case within the category of best cartonboard packaging but also the category of new use for cartonboard.

Well done to all those that entered and I would encourage you to continue thinking with an open mind. Don’t be constrained by current views and beliefs and look at other, non carton packaging and see what can be learnt there and brought into cartonboard.

Satkar Gidda, Chairman of the Jury
April 2012

Satkar Gidda
Satkar Gidda studied Business Studies and Marketing and is Sales & Marketing Director of SiebertHead, the longest established brand and packaging design consultancy in the UK. His primary responsibility is meeting, presenting and selling the skills of SiebertHead to new clients as well as existing clients. At SiebertHead Satkar he also works with global clients on helping them create that all important one to one communication between the brand and the consumer.

Wilfried Duivenvoorden
After University I immediately joined the packaging industry heading a planning, logistics and procurement department of a flexible film producing company mainly active in the agriculture, horticulture and food packaging industry. After 10 years, I joined Unilever in 1999 working in a European Procurement role for rigid containers for the icecream and frozen foods business. Since 2006 I have been working as a Global Procurement Manager for folding cartons, paper cups and aseptic cartons for Unilever Foods and Home & Personal Care. I am responsible for strategic sourcing of cartonboard, cartons, cups, composite cans etc and managing the associated supplier relationships. Unilever helps people to feel good, look good and to get more out of life with brands and services that are good for them and for others.

John de Somer
John de Somer started in 1989 working for Sirius Graphics as price analyst, sales manager and finally sales director. In 1993 he became Director of Van Genechten and marketing manager of Van Genechten Packaging. Since 2002 he has been President of Pro Carton Belgium and a member of the Executive of Pro Carton International. VGP is a private industrial group of 10 folding cartons plants in 7 countries, servicing the European FMCG industry with printed board and micro flute packaging and packaging systems from high volumes cartons for the mass market to highly sophisticated boxes for the premium markets in luxury drinks, confectionery and cosmetics.