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Pro Carton Student Video Award

Online Guide


When Schools and universities are closed, what to do?

A guide for online teaching and students working at home.

Pro Carton


Most schools and universities across Europe cannot operate regularly due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. Pro Carton wants to help the situation by offering a guide for the Student Video Award to help students work from home. Please share this information amongst the students.


1) Get your copy of the award flyer

We created an explanatory award flyer to provide you with the most important information. You can either download it or email us with your postal address to receive a printed copy. It is available in five languages (ENG, FR, ES, IT, and DE). 


2) Read the competition rules

Obviously, but there are some crucial points in there, for example, that the competition is all about printed “folding” cartons so brown fluted corrugated boxes and liquid packaging (e.g. fruit juice cartons) are excluded.


3) Dive into the world of sustainable packaging

Pro Carton’s members are the biggest companies in Europe in manufacturing and converting cartonboard. They also publish some great media items, like Inspire magazine, the Renewable Future Podcast, Unfolded magazine or the Board magazine. We also offer a big selection of publications about sustainability, consumer behaviour and the benefits of cartonboard packaging, have a look!


4) Watch tutorials on storytelling

We live in a time when it is easy to gain knowledge through the internet and that applies to storytelling as well. Here is a great tutorial on the matter and a great TEDx Talk as well. Or email your teacher and ask for more tips!


5) Sketch your storyboard

Visualise your video in advance, so you get it right when you start filming/producing. Here is a great video on how to storyboard in two ways, even if you can’t draw!


6) Discuss your ideas

Maybe your teacher can set up an online group to exchange ideas and discuss issues or even better, arrange Skype group calls to discuss and share your thoughts. We are happy to join in should you need some extra guidance! 


7) Start filming/editing

We really hope will be able to use the equipment at your college or university but these days smartphones and their apps are tremendously powerful.  Alternatively, this editing software is free to download and, depending on your project, offers all the features needed: OpenShot, HitFilm Express or DaVinci Resolve.

If you want to feature cartons or cartonboard in your videos, use what you’ve got at home. A lot of the groceries you buy already come in sustainable packaging made from cartonboard.


We hope this will help you to keep track of your Student Video Award project – the deadline is June 25.

Even though this is a time of uncertainty, we are excited about your creative output and can’t wait to see the video results.

For further information please contact