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Reload, the perfume mini-spray

Name of Entry:
Reload, the perfume mini-spray
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
One for all

The idea came from a company which develops disruptive solutions for the beauty market. The core idea was to find a packaging which works both in-store and online. Due to the small quantities, consumers can test the desired perfume inexpensively. The enclosed voucher can be used for additional information and offers the consumer a discount if they register on the customer’s website with a code, enabling further contact.
Numerous perfume manufacturers have signed up to this concept and created own looks according to their corporate design. This has resulted in high-end designs with embossing, gold foil and a printed inner carton. The spray pump included is reusable, promoting the sustainability aspect. The insert which fixates the mini-spray can also be reused and does not need to be disposed of. Fixation of the insert and the voucher was difficult: only cartonboard was able to meet all the requirements of this packaging.

Jury comments

The product created by ‘Reload’ uses perfume sprays from major fragrance houses and is a housing for these perfumes, but these different housings can be used over and over again. The carton packaging appealed to the judges in the way it held the elements in place as well as the detailed internal printing.


Bi‘rüya Shelf-ready display design by DD

Name of Entry: Bi‘rüya Shelf-ready display design by DD
Entrant: Carton Converter: Duran Dogan Printing and Packaging
Brand Owner: Ulker Çikolata
Structural Designer: Duran Dogan Printing and Packaging
Graphic Designer: Matris
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Kartonsan
"Bi'rüya" means "a dream" in Turkish. An entirely new chocolate experience was to become reality under this name. The multi-layer carton was to promote the "handmade" feeling. The specially designed display is attractive on the shelf and offers an excellent perspective through the angled design. Due to the success of the packaging, the customer has already transferred the concept to a further brand.


Name of Entry: Signal WHITE NOW
Entrant: Other: rlc packaging group
Carton Converter: rlc packaging group, Leunisman
Brand Owner: Unilever
Structural Designer: brandpack Gmbh
Graphic Designer: Unilever
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Cartonboard is more
The briefing: to replace the previous packaging made entirely of PET, which tended to crack quickly, through a hybrid packaging made of cartonboard with a significantly lower plastic ratio. The new design allows viewing the product from three sides. The holistic approach was of overall importance: construction, production and packaging processes are perfectly aligned.

Artisan Styled Maldon Salt Packs

Name of Entry: Artisan Styled Maldon Salt Packs
Entrant: Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mayr-Melnhof Karton
Carton Converter: Qualvis Print & Packaging
Brand Owner: Maldon Crystal Salt Company
Structural Designer: Qualvis Print & Packaging
Graphic Designer: Pearlfisher
Salt of the earth
Carton was chosen, as it offers the greatest flexibility for small batches, but also because it offers sufficient space for advertising, and, of course, because Maldon has always been packaged in cartons, making it part of the brand identity. Creative design can be tested stepwise for various batches and allows scalable activation. The salt is exported to 60 countries. Response via Social Media from customers, buyers and even end consumers, was overwhelming.