Sustainability Award



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Cartonboard all the way

Attractive, sustainable, innovative and practical to use – this triangular carton simply has everything good packaging needs. It is sustainable, not just because it is made of cartonboard only, but also due to its storage function. The customer had asked for a recloseable carton as normally only individual batteries are removed from the pack and the others stored. The pack is secured via a special closure system which can be opened and closed easily. A solution ideal for cartonboard.

The Beam Box is not only an eye-catcher, it is highly functional as well and sends out a powerful message. The striking shape of the pack picks up on Varta’s visual logo (triangular shape of a light beam) and fits in perfectly with the positioning of their brand. This provides perfect brand recognition at the Point of Sale. An additional clincher is the variety of ways of presenting the product, for example, the cartons can be displayed as circles or pyramids, with and without showing the product.

Jury comments

Not only an eye-catching carton but new for the battery sector where the batteries are held within a carton container without the need for a plastic blister and yet is properly reclosable – a clear advantage over the blister packs.