Name of Entry:
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Sweet chicks

Two classical objectives clearly dominated the development of this carton from the beginning: high visual attractiveness and a real added benefit. The silhouette was to remind of an Easter Egg, and the customer did not want any plastic packaging at all, but a one hundred percent sustainable concept. This solution was chosen from the four presented structural designs – an unusual design with attractive graphics and which can be erected automatically.

The secondary packaging for chocolates is made from materials which are also exceptionally well suited for foods – and replaces the plastic packaging normally used. The cartonboard chicks can also be used as toys or for holding pencils, paper clips or the like on a desk. The high attraction level at the Point of Sale, also for a young audience, fully met the customer’s expectations.

Jury comments

Clever, attractive, innovative and fun were just some of the words used to describe this carton that contains mini chocolate eggs, without the need for any plastic at all. It was evident that the shape of this pack will have high impact on-shelf and appeal to the target market of children.


Christmas house

Name of Entry: Christmas house
Entrant: Other: Van Genechten Packaging
Carton Converter: VG Kvadra Pak
Brand Owner: Laima | Orkla Confectionary & Snacks Latvia
Structural Designer: VG Kvadra Pak
Graphic Designer: brandbox
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Billerud Korsnäs
Fun to play and enjoy
The Christmas house can be unfolded in the middle as often as playing children want to, and yet it is made of a single piece of cartonboard. The creative, innovative use of standard techniques resulted in a fantastic carton which can be produced on normal machines and is nonetheless something special.

Pack for Lindt

Name of Entry: Pack for Lindt
Entrant: Other: Multi Packaging Solutions
Carton Converter: Multi Packaging Solutions – Stuttgart
Brand Owner: Lindt
Structural Designer: Lindt France
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund
Icon in gold
A carton in the shape of an icon, the Eiffel Tower: made with a magnificent cold foil finish, filled from the bottom and then closed, with a string handle for carrying. The products can be viewed through the outer window. The packaging is erected manually according to customer specifications and filled. The design resulted in an encouraging increase in sales.

Advent Calendar Fabian Rimann

Name of Entry: Advent Calendar Fabian Rimann
Entrant: Carton Converter: Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach
Brand Owner: Fabian Riman
Structural Designer: tba
Graphic Designer: tba
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Sappi
In the highly competitive world of chocolatiers it is essential to be noticed - with style: absolute quality and one hundred percent sustainabilty are obligatory – as are seasonal offers with appropriate messages. This Advent calendar fulfils all these demands with harmony and elegance and impresses through clear lines and the unmistakeable profile of the Swiss Alps. And what's more: it can be refilled!