Polz Brandy XO

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Polz Brandy XO
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Noble by nature

For their new product, the customer wanted an attractive and expressive packaging. And they got it! In record-breaking time, too: the two-part packaging for the special shape of the brandy bottle – a box part with lid and an insert which is fixated by pressing down the flaps – was on the market within three months.

The unpretentious but noble look for a high-quality product was created through a combination of black and gold with the brown natural fibres on the inside – a natural dialogue with the colour of the brandy. The transparent writing is well visible depending on the incidence of light.
Design and holistics of this pack convey the noble naturalness of the contents. This is accentuated by printing with a matt soft touch varnish and a glossy dispo-varnish spot on top. The packaging is erected manually and filled and presented in specialised trade outlets, where it attracts attention immediately.

Jury comments

In the view of the judges, the packaging for this 0.5L XO bottle from the Polz family worked very well holistically. Graphically it looks smart, elegant and premium with subtle use of gold and the 2-piece carton construction complements this with an elegant, almost book-like appearance while providing adequate protection for the bottle without overpackaging.


Pago Fruit Juice: Honeydew-Mango Promotion

Name of Entry: Pago Fruit Juice: Honeydew-Mango Promotion
Entrant: Carton Converter: Mayr-Melnhof Packaging Austria
Brand Owner: Eckes-Granini Austria
Structural Designer: Gerlinde Gruber & Thomas Parkfrieder
Graphic Designer: Martha Ploder & Gerlinde Gruber
Cartonboard Manufacturer: WestRock
Pure joie de vivre
The idea started off with the customer looking for a new way to fixate sampling bottles. The focus was on replacing the adhesive tape which had so far been used to fixate the sampling bottles in the crate, whilst supporting branding at the same time. At the same time, the customer wanted to attract catering customers to a new variety of Pago fruit juice in an elegant manner.

Astuccio Bag in Box Carawine Camper Primitivo Puglia

Name of Entry: Astuccio Bag in Box Carawine Camper Primitivo Puglia
Entrant: Carton Converter: Box Marche
Brand Owner: Barone Montalto
Graphic Designer: Barone Montalto
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Holiday flair
"A perfect barbecue with good friends and a good wine": this was the motto for the packaging in the shape of a caravan which instantly creates a holiday atmosphere. On the shelf, the unusual shape immediately attracts the attention of consumers. Once the wine has been finished, the pack can be used as a children’s toy.

Courvoisier VSOP VAP 2015

Name of Entry: Courvoisier VSOP VAP 2015
Entrant: Other: Van Genechten Packaging
Carton Converter: VG Angoulême
Brand Owner: Courvoisier, Suntory group
Structural Designer: VG Angoulême
Graphic Designer: Courvoisier
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso | Mayr-Melnhof Karton
The charm of luxury
"The Golden Age of Paris" was the topic for this limited edition in the colours violet and gold, with a pattern reminiscent of the steel construction of the Eiffel Tower. The logistic constraints – the small maximum defined footprint – and the extreme level of quality were key factors for this unique concept which completely dispensed with windows made of plastic.

Stolichnaya Elit GP 0,5 l

Name of Entry: Stolichnaya Elit GP 0,5 l
Entrant: Other: Cardbox Packaging Holding
Carton Converter: Schachner-Pack
Brand Owner: Schlumberger Wein und Sektkellerei
Structural Designer: Schachner-Pack
Graphic Designer: Schlumberger Wein und Sektkellerei
Cartonboard Manufacturer: International Paper
Elitist values
Extremely successful and already reordered - a two-part construction with mounted lid and base closure. The shapes of product and carton are in perfect harmony. The pack is laminated with a soft touch foil and application of glossy UV spot varnish elements. This highlights the extreme exclusivity of the product - Elite is regarded as the world's best rated vodka.