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Hybric Tray – Auchan salads

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Hybric Tray – Auchan salads
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Perfect Connection

The stiff, asymmetrical double shell made of FSC cartonboard allows reduction of the plastic content to a minimum: compared with the previous model this resulted in saving 75 per cent of the polymers. A traditional seal closes the pack. The contents are clearly visible; sauces, knives and forks can be stored in a separate compartment. The large outer surfaces offer considerable space for effective graphic design.
A challenge for the manufacturer was perfect stability of the packaging which is required during shipping, handling and unpacking. In addition, the quality of the product must also be maintained at relatively high ambient humidity.
The connection between the cartonboard and the plastic is designed in such a way that the components can be separated and disposed of easily after use. This “invitation” gives the consumer a good feeling of doing something for the environment.

Jury comments

For a pack selling huge numbers, this carton really appealed to the judges on several fronts. These being the strength and structure the carton provided, the dual pack construction offering consumer benefit, expansive area for branding and product communication, plastic inner can be separated from the carton and of course the fact that less plastic is needed overall.


Menu Box for Air Lines

Name of Entry: Menu Box for Air Lines
Entrant: Other: Retailer Meier Verpackungen
Carton Converter: Schachner Pack
Brand Owner: Swiss International Air Lines
Structural Designer: LSG Skychefs/First Catering Schweiz
Graphic Designer: Swiss International Air Lines
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mayr-Melnhof Karton
Compact Convenience
The convenience of this compact carton is difficult to outperform : a small cartonboard pack contains everything needed to enjoy a small meal aboard an aircraft. The lower section contains a separate drawer for cutlery, napkin, condiments and toothpick. This pack complies with all the requirements for travel packaging: it is space-saving, convenient in use and easy to dispose of. All this can only be achieved with cartonboard.

Vario-Tray for round fruits

Name of Entry: Vario-Tray for round fruits
Entrant: Other: Retailer Meier Verpackungen
Carton Converter: Koralpendruckerei
Brand Owner: Delikatessa
Structural Designer: Meier Verpackungen
Graphic Designer: Delikatessen Hamburg
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Smurfit Kappa
Pure Nature
Things could not be more natural: the Vario-Tray in REWE's Green Packaging Programme consists of a single piece of cartonboard and is erected without requiring adhesive. The ease of disposal of pure cartonboard and the emotionalisation of a simple product such as apples – in combination with a large surface area for the brand message – create confidence with regard to the product’s origins.

It's Just ... My Box of Great British Fish & Chips

Name of Entry: It's Just ... My Box of Great British Fish & Chips
Entrant: Carton Converter: The Alexir Partnership
Brand Owner: DHL
Structural Designer: The Alexir Partnership
Graphic Designer: British Airways
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Les Papeteries de Vizille
Crisp Classic
New packaging for an absolute classic is always fraught with risk: unusual design is generally criticised initially. In this case, this could prove difficult. The friendly appearance, recreational feeling, convenient handling and appetising presentation – including smart ventilation – of the crisp, fresh contents are all entirely convincing.