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Fazer Alku new mill products

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Fazer Alku new mill products
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Very Appetising

With a completely new solution for this product segment, this pack offers a decisive advance in terms of sustainability: no more annoying inner plastic bags which negatively affect the product’s convenience as well as its value appeal. Resealability has also been beautifully solved; simply press the corner and the pack is sealed.
A number of other facets also make the contents appetising: clear, natural product images underline the quality. The elaborate design with six colours and a matt varnish create interest in the contents which are visible through a round window. The perforation in the upper part allows easy opening and closing as well as simple dispensing. The cross-wise closing flaps keep the base sealed. The new gable shape clearly distinguishes the product from the competitors’ flat pack tops . The high cartonboard ratio makes the pack ideal for recycling.

Jury comments

Cartons don’t need to be complex to offer consumer benefit. Simplicity is often one of the best qualities and this cereal pack for the brand Fazer, is just that. The judges were impressed with the consumer benefits of this carton only pack such as easy open/easy close, no inner bag or lining and a window on the side to show how much cereal was left. Total product communication practically without the need for non-carton material.