Davidoff Black GlideTec (for Armenia)

Name of Entry:
Davidoff Black GlideTec (for Armenia)
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
The Art of Living

With its combination of black and gold and its various tactile effects, this pack unmistakeably demonstrates that we are dealing with an absolute top product. Matt and glossy varnishes as well as UV varnish and embossing were used for the sophisticated finishing of this luxury product.
Stability and high processing speeds in the filling lines are essential in cigarette packaging. However, what makes this pack stand out is its intelligent and convenient mechanism for opening and closing, which truly provides a “wow” effect. Gentle finger pressure on the window on the front opens the pack. The elegant and playful character effect turns the pack into an experience and makes it unique in a highly competitive market. A distinctive highlight, even for spoilt consumers.

Jury comments

The Davidoff pack was simply stunning. The graphics themselves were elegant as one would expect of a premium product but the in-hand feel with embossed window panel complemented them. However, overarching that was the ‘wow’ effect created when sliding the Davidoff branding panel up, to open the lid to access the cigarettes and sliding down to close the lid. Needless to say that judges could not stop playing with the pack.



Name of Entry: ITEM m6
Entrant: Other: rlc I packaging group
Carton Converter: rlc I packaging group, LEUNISMAN
Brand Owner: medi, ITEM m6
Structural Designer: rlc l packaging group | Leo Burnett
Graphic Designer: Leo Burnett
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Sappi
The Well-Feel Factor
This individual packaging solution for the effective stocking and shapewear concept entices the senses. The packs can be opened like books and are easy to close again with a click. Softtouch varnish gives them a satin impression. The product can be used flexibly at the Point of Sale and can be presented both suspended and standing. Sales expectations were more than met.

Para'Kito™ Präsentationsverpackung

Name of Entry: Para'Kito™ Präsentationsverpackung
Entrant: Other: STI Group
Carton Converter: STI Petöfi Nyomda
Brand Owner: Jean-Christophe Dol, Nicolas Moulin, Olivier Partrat/Evergreen Land
Structural Designer: Jean-Christophe Dol, Nicolas Moulin, Olivier Partrat with Bastien Gauthier/Evergeen Land
Graphic Designer: Vivi Cheng/Evergreen Land
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Smurfit Kappa
Natural Look
A standardised packaging solution was developed for the continuously growing product range of insect screens: it appears natural and environment-friendly and its shape attracts attention at the Point of Sale. The triangular carton made of fluted material and with six-colour printing reflects the natural roots of the brand and highlights the product. The pack can be suspended as well as placed on the shelf. It works worldwide in all markets.

Shower-Head packaging, Bath shower-head kit packaging

Name of Entry: Shower-Head packaging, Bath shower-head kit packaging
Entrant: Carton Converter: Lucaprint
Brand Owner: Aquae di Masidef
Structural Designer: R&D dept Lucaprint
Graphic Designer: Clab & Associati
Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs
Clear Profile
Instead of the usual packaging consisting of several manually bonded parts, this packaging is made from a single piece of cartonboard, pre-glued and fitted with several supports into which the various products can be inserted. This offers considerable advantages in terms of logistics. Clear, standardised graphics immediately highlight the product range at the Point of Sale. The cartonboard mono-material allows for easy recycling.