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Free-range eggs García Puente

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Free-range eggs García Puente
Entrant: Carton Converter:
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Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
New Thinking

A classical product is re-engineered: this carton stands out at the Point of Sale through its unusual design: it is original and creative and yet combines all the advantages of a classical pack. Safety and simplicity were top of mind during design. For the customer it was love at first sight.
The completely novel silhouette and its distinct graphic design have resulted in an unprecedented presentation form for the product. The pockets of the sliding design keep five eggs safe and firmly placed in a row. The customers can check the contents through round windows. The pack offers high convenience in use, is easy to hold and carry, can be placed directly into the refrigerator and stacked perfectly. The carton can be erected mechanically without difficulties and without the use of adhesives. It is 100 per cent sustainable as it is made of cartonboard and requires a minimum of material.

Jury comments

‘Not seen before’ seemed to be a theme running through several entries and this egg pack was one of them. The judges were impressed by the thinking that went into this pack. The way the eggs were held in place by the construction, the space available for branding, the fact that the eggs could be seen without opening the pack, all leading to a premium and unique presentation of what is essentially a commodity product.