YO Syrup Carton Sleeve

Name of Entry:
YO Syrup Carton Sleeve
Carton Converter:
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
The Kiddy Connection

In a market of mundane products, where consumers spend little time making their selection, becoming an eye-catcher is certainly an art: a bottle was to be given a wrap-around to attract the target group – families with children. The protruding ribbon adds a playful touch and acts like a signal never seen before on a shelf of syrup products. The labyrinth game on the inside of the wrap-around is an added benefit for children.
Crucial for realising the concept was to ensure that the wrap-around for this difficult bottle shape barely slowed down production speed. The employment of a few additional temps paid off. Using relatively simple means, this resulted in an excellent sales promotion with added value in a market sector which is otherwise rarely noticed.

Jury comments

Normally, it is the premium drinks packs that are appealing but this distinctive yet simple bottle wrap around really got the judges attention. Whilst the simplicity was a factor, it had the dual function of on shelf distinctiveness and consumer interaction through the use of a puzzle on the inner of the carton. Perfect for the kids target market and a very well thought through structural and graphic design.


Glenmorangie Festive Year-End-Carton

Name of Entry: Glenmorangie Festive Year-End-Carton
Entrant: Carton Converter: Karl Knauer
Brand Owner: Glenmorangie
Structural Designer: Karl Knauer
Graphic Designer: ButterflyCannon
Cartonboard Manufacturer: WestRock
Christmas with a Wow
The colour and light effects of this carton have created worldwide fascination across all cultures. This was achieved with unrivalled precision by combining 3D lens elements with print and special UV varnishes as well as 3D stamping. This look and feel, which also had to meet logistical requirements, is only possible with cartonboard. The seasonal carton was soon sold out worldwide.

Nardini Grappa e Distillati

Name of Entry: Nardini Grappa e Distillati
Entrant: Carton Converter: Lucaprint
Brand Owner: Ditta Bortolo Nardini
Structural Designer: R&D dpt Lucaprint
Graphic Designer: Graphic dpt Bortolo Nardini
Cartonboard Manufacturer: BillerudKorsnäs
Noble Quality
Minimalistic design characterises all the packs of this brand. The look is noble, its tactile feel virtually irresistible. The entire product range is packaged in this design, the only difference being the coloured label on the bottle, which is well visible through an opening in the pack. The bottle is presented open and without a window, yet it is stable and sturdy. The concept signals a product of highest quality.

Fancy beermats

Name of Entry: Fancy beermats
Entrant: Carton Converter: Antilope Kartonnage
Brand Owner: Palm Breweries
Structural Designer: Sydney Graux/Antilope Kartonnage
Graphic Designer: Olivier op de Beeck
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Pankaboard
New Branding
Beer mats usually have a classical, standardised shape and only differ in their graphic design. This has now changed: new cutting techniques can create virtually any profile, not only in terms of the outer edge but also of the inside. The result is completely new, attractive shapes which can effectively support the branding of your labels.