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Müller Soft Star Tissue

Name of Entry:
Müller Soft Star Tissue
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
A Round Affair

The joint objective was to provide a new shape for packaging face wipes and to give consumers a positive surprise – and the challenge was met in an oustanding manner. The initial idea came from the carton manufacturer: a round cylinder which had not been seen before in this rather conservative market. This completely new appearance is an eye-catcher, both at the Point of Sale and at home.
Elaborate finishing, impressive decor and a variety of designs for different target groups give this standard product new, fresh potential. The surface is not only visually attractive, but also offers a very pleasant tactile feel. Doing away with the plastic lid commonly used in this product category,makes this carton 100 per cent sustainable.
The future of this new pack shape is secure: success with consumers speaks for itself. New editions are planned and further retailers have already expressed interest.

Jury comments

The Duchesse pack was considered by the judges to be highly original in shape and construction. Clearly, this would have tremendous impact on shelf and appeal to the intended female market, but when the pack was held in hand the judges were impressed by the tactile soft feel, embossing and textures that gave the pack that desirability and no doubt carry a premium price.



Name of Entry: ambuja
Entrant: Carton Converter: Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach
Brand Owner: Pour Legart
Structural Designer: Herwig Bischof/b.packaging | Johannes Gautier
Graphic Designer: Johannes Gautier
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund
Natural Luxury
Extremely elegant colouring scheme and perfect choreography when opening and closing: only very few packs express the value of their contents so distinctly. The sound effect comes as a surprise and rounds off the experience perfectly: when closing the lid, the product is covered with an audible click and kept safe at the same time. The sound of the magnetic fastener highlights the unique feeling of holding something precious in your hands.
Jury comments

This is a carton that was a joy to interact with. Whilst the feel of the carton in-hand was lovely and smooth here was a carton that really impressed the judges on opening as it opened with a flip top where the rest of the pack opened beautifully and partway down the corner to reveal the product. The ace was the audible ‘click’ sound that the pack made when closed and the flip top closing almost spring-like. When several senses can be engaged, including sound then that makes for a very interesting consumer pack.

K.T.K Skincare

Name of Entry: K.T.K Skincare
Entrant: Carton Converter: Offsetdruckerei Schwarzach
Brand Owner: Skinpharma Investment
Structural Designer: Herwig Bischof/b.packaging
Graphic Designer: Karoline Mühlburger, Silvia Keckeis, Michael Marte/kaleido
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund | Iggesund
Double Message
Skin is an extremely sensitive organ. A product which comes into contact with skin needs to exude naturalness and cleanliness. This carton solves this problem in an innovative and credible manner: it consists of two different types of cartonboard which convey both messages and yet form perfect harmony. The cartons are also designed to adapt to various product sizes.

HYALURON cosmetic series

Name of Entry: HYALURON cosmetic series
Entrant: Carton Converter: Carl Edelmann
Brand Owner: Dr. Kurt Wolff
Structural Designer: Carl Edelmann
Graphic Designer: Philipp Seine Helden
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Metsä Board
Elegant Appearance
This group of cartons is distinguished by both eye-catching and elegant visual and tactile design. Seven offset colours and matt UV varnishing, together with elaborate finishing, including among others holographic hot foil, ensure a glamorous appearance of the entire product family.The product leaflets are cleverly integrated into the flaps and contribute to a highly focussed overall look

Lace Rose Box

Name of Entry: Lace Rose Box
Entrant: Carton Converter: Pringraf
Brand Owner: Finesse
Structural Designer: Pringraf
Graphic Designer: Pringraf
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Arjowiggins
Sohisticated Refinement
Originally, the rose cream was sold in a simple glass jar with a label, but was unable to communicate the value of its contents. The new idea stemmed from the name of the product. Laser punching creates an unbelievably fine pattern on cartonboard and rivets attention. Tactile and visual exclusivity are the result. Success was so overwhelming that the customer is now planning an entire product line of this type.