Carton of the Year


Fernanda Brandao Perfume

Name of Entry:
Fernanda Brandao Perfume
Entrant: Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Cura Marketing GmbH
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Lifestyle Distribution GmbH
Pura dinamica

The task was as simple as it was difficult: the carton was to reflect the shape of the bottle and provide maximum focus and dynamics. The idea originated from the brand owner. The Cura marketing department presented a mock up of the bottle and requested a matching carton solution: using the same prism shape, the same corners. Angles and proportions. Even the colour was to match the colour of the bottle.

Content and packaging blend perfectly and communication of the product promise is exemplary. The detailed fit of the carton with the bottle provides optimal product protection. The special design also means flat delivery and automatic erecting and filling of the cartons.

Overall, the development took six months and the result is more than stunning. The carton has a unique design and the shape is reminiscent of an uncut amethyst. This differentiates it clearly from other packaging on the shelf and conveys the product message: unlimited power, pure dynamics and charisma all the way.

Jury comments

I giudici sono rimasti colpiti non solo dall’eccellente qualità della stampa di questa confezione e dall’uso intelligente dell’olografia, ma soprattutto dalla forma asimmetrica ottenuta. Hanno detto di non aver mai visto una forma tanto innovativa che, oltre ad essere bella da vedere, è anche molto piacevole da maneggiare. Questo insieme di forma, stampa e finitura nel complesso produce una confezione d’eccezione che – hanno ritenuto i giudici – si farà notare molto sullo scaffale in una categoria merceologica molto competitiva. In breve: una confezione eccezionale.