Special Award


Illuminated packaging for “Bombay Sapphire”

Name of Entry:
Illuminated packaging for “Bombay Sapphire”
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Karl Knauer KG, Rox Asia Consultancy Ltd.
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Karl Knauer KG
Graphic Designer:
Webb deVlam
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Tullis Russell
Shining example

In the search for new, impressive packaging for the high quality gin “Bombay Sapphire”,  the unique light effects of “HiLight – printed electronics“ by Karl Knauer came to the attention of Bacardi. For a number of years now, Knauer has been involved in the development and use of printed electronics for packaging and displays. The carton for Bacardi’s top spirit is the first customer project.
The decisive advantage: presumably the world’s first freely available packaging with printed, active lighting on the carton surfaces achieved to date unrivalled awareness levels at the POS – and with a precision which can probably only be achieved on cartonboard. The innovative technology also retains all the benefits of cartonboard cartons, such as product protection and sustainability. A highly promising solution which will no doubt find many followers. Demand at the POS was tremendous, the limited edition sold out in next to no time.

Jury comments

The beverages category has some truly excellent examples of packaging that contains, protects, advertises and actually sells the product. As a result the Jury found it hard to select a winner and wished to recognize one specific entrant for the way it had used different technology to enhance the carton and attract at the point of sale. The Bombay Sapphire carton was an excellent carton and met all the requirements in this sector. But in addition the carton incorporated a system of printed electronics that lit up progressively. The Judges had not seen this used in the beverage sector before and felt that it would attract attention and was an excellent example of stretching imagination by adding new technology to a carton.