Sustainability Award


Green Packaging bei Ja! Natürlich

Name of Entry:
Green Packaging bei Ja! Natürlich
Entrant: Brand Owner:
Ja! Natürlich, REWE Group
Carton Converter:
Druckerei Ratt Dornbirn
Structural Designer:
Meier Verpackungen
Graphic Designer:
Atelier Freiraum, Wien
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
It had to be cartonboard

In 2011, the Ja! Nature’s Way blueberries were presented for the first time in their new, visually attractive folded carton with a cellulose foil viewing window. This significantly distinguished the packaging from that of the competitors, both in terms of design as well as the materials used. Ja! Nature’s Way is fully committed to “Green Packaging” and wood as a raw material. By 2015 up to 70 tonnes of plastics will have been saved for fruits and vegetables – blueberry packaging alone saved 3 tonnes in 2011.

Right from the beginning the largest bio brand in Austria, Ja! Nature’s Way, was committed to 100 per cent bio and the principle of sustainability. Since 2011, product packaging is being converted step by step to eco-friendly renewable materials. All plastic trays in the fruits and vegetables sector have already been replaced by cartonboard. The objective is to reduce plastics, and thus oil as a raw material, as far as possible and to commit to packaging which complies with sustainable principles. This implies the reduction of fossil raw materials and the use of renewable energies, the efficient design of transport flows and avoiding unnecessary printing inks.

Jury comments

The carton had been designed to replace the plastic packaging that is used for so many fruit and vegetable products in retailers. It had been designed to be delivered flat but also could be easily erected for use. Being made solely from cartonboard it would be easy to recycle. The graphic design reinforced the environmental attributes and the judges felt that of all the entries this carton best demonstrated the sustainability attributes of cartonboard.