Name of Entry:
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Weleda AG
Structural Designer:
Carl Edelmann GmbH
Graphic Designer:
Elbe Design Hamburg, Weleda AG
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Where less is more

The partnership between brand owner and the designers of machines and packaging ran smoothly from the outset. The objective was to develop a new and flexible packaging process for ampoules and to create a packaging which was positively different to the competition from a visual point of view also by saving space and providing the packaged products with good protection. They were also easy to remove.

The mission was completed after one and a half years. Machine manufacturer Uhlmann Pac-Systeme developed the packaging process including filling and also built the machine. Also new were the automated forming of the insert, automated side-loading feeding and the bonding of the insert and outer packaging. Together with folding box manufacturer Edelmann, this resulted in a ideal packaging. The graphic design was provided by Weleda. A simple and attractive solution, three colours on the outside, one colour inside, protected with dispersion lacquer, and launched for the first time on the market in the spring of 2012.

Jury comments

A perfect functional carton that did exactly what it was designed for. The internal structure held the ampoules very safely so they would not be damaged in transit. This internal structure was made completely from cartonboard so the whole pack was made from a single material. Special folding and gluing units were designed to ensure that the carton could be produced and packed fast and efficiently.


Etui mit integrierter Packungsbeilage

Name of Entry: Etui mit integrierter Packungsbeilage
Entrant: Carton Converter: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Brand Owner: Dr. Kade Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH
Structural Designer: Carl Edelmann GmbH
Graphic Designer: Heymann Brandt DE Gelmini Werbeagentur AG
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund Paperboard
Elegant additional benefit
A case with an integrated package insert. The sealed case with package insert can be removed comforatably by the consumer. As an additional benefit, the elegant case can be used as a holder for the tablet blister.

Folding box with 3D lens

Name of Entry: Folding box with 3D lens
Entrant: Carton Converter: Karl Knauer KG
Brand Owner: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG
Structural Designer: Karl Knauer KG
Graphic Designer: GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare GmbH & Co. KG
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Buchmann
Carton in focus
The 3D lens makes this solution unique. It highlights the Chlorhexamed key visual and reinforces the impact at the point of sale. At the same time, the new premium packaging is suitable for vending machines and can be processed on the same machines as the current solutions.