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Termo Astuccio “Frusta Sorrentina”

Name of Entry:
Termo Astuccio “Frusta Sorrentina”
Entrant: Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Forno D’Asolo s.p.a.
Structural Designer:
Michele Pierfederici, Boxmarche spa
Graphic Designer:
Forno D’Asolo s.p.a.
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Hot, hot, hot

Boxmarche was involved right from the beginning in the development of the new packaging and provided the structural design. Brand owner Forno d’Asolo wanted a special folded carton for catering on aircraft: a product which could be heated in an oven together with its deep-frozen content without burning. Microwave ovens are not permitted on aircraft, only conventional ovens. Boxmarche had the ambition of developing a packaging completely different from all existing concepts. Prior to heating, the two specially designed areas on the sides are pressed inwards using the thumbs to avoid overpressure in the oven. After heating, only the centre strip needs to be torn open which divides the box into two halves. This allows eating a hot sandwich without burning or soiling. The carton is also subjected to special treatment (Jazz heat treatment) which creates the barrier for heating in the oven.

Jury comments

An excellent concept that worked well and delivered exactly what it was designed to do. Often this type of packaging works well but then using it when the food is hot can be a problem. By having a tear strip in the middle of the carton, when the pannini was cooked the carton can be removed from the oven, split in two and then used to hold the hot pannini. In addition two small push perforations had been added to allow air to escape safely whilst being heated but without the risk of contamination during shipping.