Coeur de cognac

Name of Entry:
Coeur de cognac
Entrant: Carton Converter:
VG Angoulême
Brand Owner:
Remy Cointreau
Structural Designer:
VG Angoulême
Graphic Designer:
The Brand Union Paris
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
At the core of packaging

The customer’s briefing was to the point: in future, all packaging was to be without plastic windows to save materials sustainably. However, windows were still required to display the extremely elegant bottle. Anchoring the heavy product safely in an open carton was a technical challenge in itself. So it appeared logical that folded carton manufacturer Van Genechten Angoulême was involved in the project from the beginning.

The result is a folded box, open on both sides, which is designed to perfectly secure and protect the bottle, at the same time being clearly visible for consumers. The mother of pearl gloss of the lacquer creates a soft glittering effect, giving the product added prominence. Marcelle Bordas-Levazeux, Key Account Manager Produits de Luxe at Van Genechten said “Our solution is being sold across Europe and is a big success on the market. We have already received several re-orders.”

Jury comments

What impressed the judges about this winner was that usually in cognac boxes the cartons are enclosed whereas on this one the bottle is displayed openly behind a large round cut out. They also felt that the structural design was perfect in that it was very strong and with such a high value product it is vital to ensure that the bottle is well contained and safe. Great visibility of the product allied to the safe and sturdy design ensured that this carton would appeal to consumers on the shelf.


Hendrick's Curiositorium Gift Pack

Name of Entry: Hendrick's Curiositorium Gift Pack
Entrant: Carton Converter: Chesapeake Branded Packaging
Brand Owner: William Grants & Sons Ltd
Structural Designer: Chesapeake Branded Packaging
Graphic Designer: Here Design
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Korsnäs
This carton presents the product on a theatre stage, at the same time protecting the contents and providing a base. The pack can be opened and closed easily in-store to apply and remove anti-theft devices.

Madonna Smirnoff limited Edition

Name of Entry: Madonna Smirnoff limited Edition
Entrant: Carton Converter: Cartondruck GmbH
Brand Owner: Diageo Polska
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mead Westvaco
Spotlight on Madonna
Elaborate, stunning design with numerous “spotlights” and a special feature: an integrated insert containing a VIP Pass Card with a special code for getting access on the internet for more information on Madonna’s tour and albums.