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Grappe tascabili 20 pezzi

Official name of entry:
Grappe tascabili 20 pezzi
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Uff. Tecnico Lucaprint S.p.A.
Graphic Designer:
Hangar Design Group
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Brightness on the shelf

Lucaprint were involved soon after the first graphic designs of the agency. Together with marketing, the structural construction was reviewed to optimise the shape as well as removing those plastic components from the interior packaging which required too many adhesive bonds – in this way the number of adhesive bonds could be reduced to two. Nardini requested filling time for the product to be reduced to an absolute minimum, hence the proposal by Lucaprint to supply the presentation carton pre-fabricated, so that Nardini only needed to fill the product without removing the insert. The presentation carton communicates the brand identity of Nardini, with its established philosophy of simplicity which separates it from the competition – especially in supermarket chains. Lucaprint concentrated on the brightness of the product, together with a clear and focused presentation. Project development, from the prototype to market launch, took some time – especially finding a graphic design with optimal brightness. The first few designs had a black background with negative type! This new packaging has only been on the market for a short period, but the first sales results are very encouraging.

Jury comments

This category is all about impact at the point of sale and this entry provided everything that was necessary in achieving this. The comparative simplicity of the graphic design with a great use of white co-ordinated well with the simple but clear printing and the silver tops on each of the bottles. The slope of the design would give this excellent visibility of either a counter or shelf and with a simple but effective closure it was also easy and safe to transport to the point of sale.


Essenza delle emozioni

Official name of entry: Essenza delle emozioni
Carton Converter: Lucaprint S.p.A.
Brand Owner: Thun S.p.A.
Structural Designer: Uff. Tecnico Lucaprint S.p.A.
Graphic Designer: HM&C Thun
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Storaenso
Brand personality in one
The success of producing the display as one single piece ensures continuous printing tones, allowing for a perfect match, and assures brand identity at the point of sale.  Interior plastic supports were replaced by cartonboard. The sales results were excellent.


Official name of entry: pipilady
Carton Converter: Alzamora Packaging
Brand Owner: Javier Nabau y Jose Mª Nabau
Structural Designer: Javier Nabau - Alzamora Packaging
Graphic Designer: Javier Nabau
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Reno de Medici
Easy to use and completely recyclable
The core idea originated from the client,, who also cooperated closely with manufacturer Alzamora. The product is 100 per cent new, there is nothing comparable on the market.  Pipilady is completely recyclable and very user-friendly.