Most innovative



Official name of entry:
Entrant: Brand Owner:
Kurt Lilly GmbH & Co. KG
Carton Converter:
STI Group, Co Producer CL Rick
Structural Designer:
STI Consulting GmbH
Graphic Designer:
STI Consulting GmbH
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
Iggesund Paperboard
Anti-slip brand communications

The idea for this “highly innovative“ concept originated from STI. It all started with an enquiry from a sub-contractor for catering material who was unhappy with existing solutions – trays made of wood, metal or plastic. The printed paper sheets for branding tended to slip and quickly looked “used”. The result: the end consumers were also disappointed. In four months of development time STI created a far better solution: a tray made of sustainable cartonboard for individual design. This makes individual branding easier for caterers and customers alike, especially as the tray can also be manufactured in different sizes and shapes (i.e. classic rectangular shape, heart-shaped etc.). The clue: a special anti-slip varnish was developed together with a special application process. The number of customers from the catering industry is growing steadily: a new product has found its customers.

Jury comments

This was definitely something that the Jury had not seen before and the use of a non slip coating gave the tray an added dimension in that it could be tilted to 20 ° and whatever was on the tray would not slide off. It also had sufficient strength to fulfil its purpose and they also felt that this product, being 100% recyclable, would have a wide variety of applications not only in the catering field but also in fast food outlets. Virtually any design can be printed too, so offering a wide variety of possibilities to this unique product.