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Bag in Box Mauro Chardonnay

Official name of entry:
Bag in Box Mauro Chardonnay
Carton Converter:
Brand Owner:
Structural Designer:
Graphic Designer:
Sofia Blomberg
Cartonboard Manufacturer:
New perspectives for a classic product

The Boxmarche company was involved in the new packaging project right from the beginning: they provided the design and structure. Development from the first contact to time-on-market took six months. It was clear from the start that cartonboard would be the product of choice as it is the prime choice in this segment. Boxmarche were looking for a box that was totally different from other Bag in Box solutions: products in this sector usually have standard formats and are quite repetitive. The graphic design was handled by Oenoforos. There was only one constraint: the box had to fit inside a fridge The special shape of the new box allows an entirely innovative use of the box: this was highly appreciated by the customer, who decided to print the instructions for use on the packaging. The shape of the box generates a special visual effect on the shelf which attracts consumers as it is completely new on the shelves of the wine retail trade. The slim, elegant shapes also reflects the character of the wine.

Jury comments

Without doubt in the judges’ minds, the key element in making this a category winner was the shelf impact it would have. Whilst different shapes of bag in box have been produced before, this is still rare and on this design the curved sides would not only give the carton an instant appeal at the point of sale, but also made the picking up and handling of the product much easier and safer. It was instantly attractive, different from competitor products and intuitive to pick up and open. An outstanding carton.


Astucci Grappa Linea Storica

Official name of entry: Astucci Grappa Linea Storica
Carton Converter: SA.GE Print
Brand Owner: Distilleria Domenis Srl
Structural Designer: SA.GE. Print
Graphic Designer: Domenis
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Stora Enso
Cartonboard in the focus of brand communications
Their range of high-quality grappa’s has been established on the market for several years. Astucci have now decided to rejuvenate brand communications, starting with the packaging.  The new styling reinforces the quality image with customers -  with a refined graphic design and carton to match.  

Glenmorangie Finealta

Official name of entry: Glenmorangie Finealta
Carton Converter: VG Angoulème of Van Genechten Packaging group
Brand Owner: Glenmorangie
Structural Designer: VG Angoulème
Graphic Designer: Lewis Moberly
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Outside: Arjowiggins - Inside: StoraEnso
Luxury is a matter of detail
Glenmorangie commissioned Van Genechten right at the start of development work. A number of trial print runs led to success: simple and clear graphic design with highly differentiating embossing on a carton consisting of different laminated cartonboards. This transforms Finealta to a desirable product in a rather traditional environment.  

Jacquart brut

Official name of entry: Jacquart brut
Carton Converter: Cartondruck
Brand Owner: Champagne Jacquart
Structural Designer: Champagne Jacquart
Graphic Designer: People from Design
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Iggesund
Strength and lightness in unity
Cartondruck were given the task of finding a 100 % cartonboard solution both to protect weighty bottles of champagne and to highlight the quality of the product. Perfume and cosmetic products were to act as role models. A true masterpiece. The carton has a light and elegant appeal despite the weight, and the market launch was a full success.