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Happy Meal 3D

Official name of entry: Happy Meal 3D
Carton Converter: Van Genechten Packaging
Brand Owner: Havi
Cartonboard Manufacturer: Mayr-Melnhof
New dimensions
Sustainability in logistics, presentation and environmental protection
The new movie series “Shrek” gave McDonalds the idea of packing 3-D glasses into their traditional “Happy-Meal“ boxes. The briefing for the packaging was close to a “Mission Impossible” – the integration of 3-D glasses into a Happy Meal box without affecting handling in the restaurant. It became even worse: the Van Genechten company had to agree to a lead time of 8 weeks for the production of 12 million cartons.
The concept was created within just one week: a “Happy Meal” box with integrated glasses and a new, patented production method. The requirements were extremely complex. As the glasses were to be used by children, they had to be easy to handle. The lenses had to be suitable for direct contact with foodstuffs, as well as offering transmittance values suitable for computer screens and printed cartons. All health and safety regulations had to be complied with to ensure approval as a toy.
The results were better than purchasing ready-made 3-D glasses in every respect: ease of handling was absolutely convincing. The lenses consist of a thin acetate film and can be recycled with the paper and are thus fully biodegradable. To allow printing on both sides, the lenses are sandwiched between two layers of carton.
Instructions are not necessary and the future is assured: with this new invention, glasses can be integrated into any type of carton at very low cost.
Jury comments

The Judges were amazed how the design of this carton had been done to offer a pair of 3D glasses that were fully integrated into the pack. This is a high volume product and by designing this clever carton from a single piece of board that includes the glasses, it ensures that it can be manufactured and used in high quantities and at high speed. The glasses can be simply and easily removed from the carton using the perforation and so the pack is also very user friendly. In summary and excellent packaging solution.