Sustainability Award


Cadbury Roses Tin Replacements

Name of Entry:
Cadbury Roses Tin Replacements
Entrant: Brand Owner:
Cadburys/ Tesco
Carton Converter:
Chesapeake Branded Packaging
Cartonboard Manufacturer:

Times are a-changing
Cartonboard instead of metal
The objective was both clear and challenging – A high quality folding carton which offers all the advantages of tin-plate packaging. The Chesapeake design team developed a solution perfectly suited for confectionery. Nonetheless, it was not easy to find a leading confectioner willing to commit to this new idea. Finally, an “innovation day” convinced Cadbury.
But the road to success was a long one. Following extensive tests, a cartonboard suitable for this application was selected. Then a cost-effective solution to machine erect the cartons had to be found to produce the relatively small runs for the first sales trials at a leading UK retailer.
As volumes increased, a larger development team at Chesapeake took on the task to ensure that the relatively thick cartonboard could be glued cost effectively. From a graphic point of view the decision was taken to go for a combination of matt and gloss varnish. A third varnish was also applied to provide non slip properties so the packs would not move on the pallet during transportation. All varnishes had to pass Cadbury’s stringent taint & odour standards.
Four hurdles had to be overcome, and the results proved more than positive:

Marketing: an attractive carton, whichdemonstrates pack differentiation
Cost calculation: significant savings, without compromising brand values
Technology: an innovation, aligned with Cadbury’s initiative “Purple Goes Green”
Production: substantial reductions in pallet costs

Jury comments

The jury were very impressed with this entry that showed how cartons can replace other packaging materials to give an environmental benefit. This is a major confectionery line and the pack has been converted into cartonboard from metal and in doing this the Brand Owner has linked his house colour, purple, and the environmental benefits of the change by using the slogan “purple goes green”. The overall design is similar to the previous package and so it will retain its impact on the shelf but now by promoting the benefits of using a renewable and easily recyclable material it offers consumers a more environmentally suitable pack.