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Vernissage Purse

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Vernissage Purse
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Boxmarche spa

Wine packaging with new silhouette
The “Vernissage” wine packaging has already been launched on the Swedish market in April 2008 – in a square bag-in-box system. The target group was consumers of white wine, which in Sweden are mostly women aged over 25. The packaging was attractive and elegant, created in white and gold – impressive, but conventional.
The owner of the brand, Takis Soldatos, and graphic designer Sofia Blomberg had had for a while the idea of designing and launching a very special bag for female consumers. Together with their packaging supplier BoxMarche they examined the technical possibilities for such an innovative solution and designed a completely new bag-in-box in the shape of a handbag. The amazing thing: production of the new packaging is as simple as for the old one, only filling requires slightly more effort.
The new “Vernissage” was launched at the beginning of 2010 – with fantastic success. Up to July, sales had increased by 500 per cent! And that certainly sounds like more to come. In the autumn the new packaging will be launched on the German market, line extensions with red and rosé wine are planned, and extending the successful concept is also being worked on.

Jury comments

The “bag in box” wine system has been around for about 30 years, but this was the first time the Jury members had seen such an innovative design in this market. Most of the boxes used are rectangular and this striking shape allied to excellent graphics took the wine box to a new level which they felt also would appeal to women far more than conventional boxes.
It was also felt that this would be a great gift and on the shelf would almost guarantee attention. Shaped like a handbag the Judges said that this almost redefined this packaging as a “bag in bag”!