Inspirerende Premiumverpackung für Hüppen-Spezialitäten

Name of Entry:
Inspirerende Premiumverpackung für Hüppen-Spezialitäten
Carton Converter:
PAWI Verpackungen AG, Schweiz
Brand Owner:
Gottlieber Spezialitäten AG

Pure pleasure
Re-positioning of a traditional product
“Hüppen” – a sort of waffle roll – have been available in Switzerland for over two hundred years. The “Gottlieber Hüppenmanufaktur“ looked for new ideas to attract new target groups for this traditional specialty. Design for the re-branding was created by the agency Packthis, the new carton was supplied by the proven partner PAWI Packaging, who have excellent references as a specialist for chocolates.
The customer used PAWI as a “sparring partner” for the development of the packaging: PAWI Packaging fulfilled the design requirements for materials, construction as well as finishing according to the customer’s specifications. The result: the exclusive “Premium” product line.
The carton with its hinged lid and interior hollow wall is the same for all three Premium waffle varieties. Differentiation is via a box sleeve which closes the hinged lid and shows the waffle variety, both visually and in print. The brown carton imparts a warm and elegant aura. After removing the sleeve, the carton can be opened both ways, like a book. On the inside of the book lid one can read about the company’s history. The Hüppen waffle rolls are positioned next to each other and protected by fine tissue paper in a hollow wall box.
The packaging was well received by the market and additional production has commenced.

Jury comments

A truly elegant pack that reflects perfectly the high quality of the contents. Whilst it looks initially deceptively simple, the attention to detail caught the Judges’ eye. The gold line on the box itself is used also on the slip over cover and after the slip cover has been removed the box can be used elegantly on a table to dispense the chocolates which are packed themselves so that they continue with the gold and brown theme of the main package. A good design for gifting with the carton giving a clear indication of a quality product.


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