Carton of the Year


Tommy, Tommy Girl

Name of Entry:
Tommy, Tommy Girl
Entrant: Brand Owner:
E. Lauder
Carton Converter:
CD Cartondruck
Cartonboard Manufacturer:

Global Networking for an unforgettable experience
This exceptional carton is the result of close transatlantic teamwork. CD Cartondruck in Germany developed the concept together with design group of Estée Lauder in the USA. The successful cooperation has existed for a long time and includes numerous other projects.
Lauder’s briefing specified: (1) a nautical subject, (2) anchor and wheel, as well as (3) a three-dimensional look. And another major challenge was added: the entire background was to resemble a canvas sail.
The visual 3-D effect is created by the innovative interplay of internal chamber and the embossed decorative elements of anchor and wheel. The complex contours and delicate cutting around the wheel make very high demands on production. The special embossed structure, together with the matt material, give the carton the special textile-like character, which complements the overall look perfectly.
The graphic design supports the impression of high quality and value: the dark coloured areas on the inside form a clear contrast to the light outer areas and reinforce the three-dimensional effect. The elegant, timeless style combines ideally with the maritime flair of the fragrance. Here, ultimate value goes hand in hand with exceptional visual presentation and the use of environment-friendly materials.

Jury comments

The Judges were amazed at the apparent simplicity of this carton which hid some very sophisticated techniques. The clever cutting with a coloured background that provided a highlight on the carton was achieved using a single sheet of cartonboard so allowing ease of filling with a most effective and striking look. The clean lines and design, the linen impression embossing and fact that the illustration continued around the fold of the carton gave an instant shelf appeal. The elegance of the design would provide stand out on the shelf and the Judges felt that this was an excellent carton that demonstrates that “less can be more”.